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North America (osu! standard) Tournament 2019

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And we're back.

Welcome to the North America osu!standard Tournament 2019! This tournament is open to all players in The United States, Canada, Mexico, United States Territories and all other countries in the North American region. A list of North American countries can be found here.

Sign-ups Start: May 19th, 2019
Sign-ups End: June 23rd, 2019 11:59 EDT

  1. This tournament is open to osu!standard players.
  2. The tournament will begin a week after sign-ups are over, so JUNE 29TH WEEKEND.
  3. The tournament will consist of both a Group Stage and an Elimination Stage.
  4. The Elimination Stage will be a Standard Double Elimination.
  5. Group Stage spans over two weekends, while every other stage will be one weekend long.
  6. The scoring system is Score V2.
  7. The tournament will consist of 64 players, seeded by Badge Weighted Seeding (BWS) for an overflow of players, with the blacklist taking effect.
  8. Top 8 of NAT 2018 have guaranteed acceptance into NAT 2019, but will still be seeded by BWS.
  9. Seeding for groups will be based on rank, split into FOUR categories: Top, High, Low, Bottom. Each group will consist of one randomized player from each seed.
  10. A total of 16 groups will be formed with four players in each group.
  11. Double Elimination seeding will be based off of player performance during group stage.
  12. Mappool, Groups, Seeding, and other stats will be under the spreadsheet.
  13. BWS calculation for the tourney will end on June 24th.
  14. Joining the Discord is required for this tournament.

Discord | Spreadsheet | Player Signup | Staff Signup | Stream

Schedules and Brackets information are included in spreadsheets

  1. The match will be Head to Head and Score V2 for all matches.
  2. Group Stage will have FIVE No Mod, THREE Hidden, THREE Hard Rock, and FOUR Double Time maps.
  3. Round of 32 and onward will have SIX No Mod, FOUR Hidden, FOUR Hard Rock, and FIVE Double Time maps.
  4. All map pools will have one Tiebreaker map.
  5. Picks for maps are unrestricted.
  6. There will be one ban per player, per match.
  7. Both bans will come before the first map pick.
  8. Players will have two minutes per pick.
  9. Picks will alternate between players.
  10. Freemod is allowed if the match results in a Tiebreaker situation.
  11. Groups, Winners Round of 32, Winners Round of 16, and Losers Round of 16 will be a Best of 9.
  12. Winners Quarter Finals, Winners Semifinals, Losers Semifinals, and and Losers Quarter Finals will be a Best of 11.
  13. Winners Finals, Grand Finals, Losers Finals Round 2, and Losers Grand Finals will be a Best of 13.
  14. There will be Seven Mappools total.
  15. Players may have 1 warm up each before the match. The warm up must be shorter than 4 minutes.
  16. There are no warm ups during Group Stage.
  17. If a player disconnects during the middle of a map, if 30 seconds has not passed then the map will be redone. Otherwise, if the player leaves or disconnects after more than 30 seconds has passed, then the point goes to the player who is still in the lobby.
  18. Failed scores will count.
  19. Winner of the Winners bracket has a 1 match advantage over the winner of the Loser Bracket. If the winner of the Loser Bracket wins in Grand Finals, there is a bracket reset.

What is Badge Weighted Seeding?

Short for Badge Weighted Seeding, BWS is a tournament-minded seeding method intended to more accurately seed players and enforce rank restrictions based on the player's tournament badges. In short, BWS artificially "ranks up" players based on the amount of badges they have. In terms of how much a player ranks up per badge, each badge is worth more than the one before it. More specifically, the formula is as follows:

The formula caps at rank 1. That is, a player can't go past rank 1.00 BWS (even if you were rank 2 it'd take like 30 badges to actually get rank 1.00 BWS). Remember, BWS is not intended to reflect solo play skill. Sample BWS rank values can be found on this spreadsheet.

1st place: 6 months supporter or Discord Nitro + Profile badge
2nd place: 3 months supporter or Discord Nitro
3rd place: 2 months supporter or Discord Nitro

To help maintain the competitive integrity of this tournament, we will have a blacklist setup that future NAT's may use

Current Blacklist
  1. If one player does not show up to their match, the other player may decide if they will take the win or reschedule.
  2. If both players do not show up to their match, they will be blacklisted. In this case, the higher seeded player progresses and the lower seeded player will be sent to losers and will be disqualified.
  3. Any player who fails to show up to their match without prior communication shall be blacklisted and may lose their signup priority for future NAT's.


  1. Set up the room, with the lobby name "NAT: (Player 1) vs (Player 2)"
  2. Players will have TEN MINUTES to join. If one or both players fail to show up, please refer to the blacklist section.
  3. Once both players have joined, each player may choose to pick a warm up.A player may choose to not pick a warm up map. Warm ups are only during Eliminations. Give host to players that want to pick warm up.
  4. Once warm up is over, have host transferred back to you and have both players roll.
  5. The player who rolled higher will choose to pick or ban first.
  6. The first to ban will not be able to pick the first map, and the first to pick the map will not be able to ban first.
  7. Both players get one ban per match in all stages of the tournament.
  8. After the first map, players will alternate picks, until one player wins the match.
  9. Remain host during all maps and use the multiplayer chat to take each player's requests.
  10. In the case of a match point tie, a tiebreaker map will be played.
  11. Save chat log as well as the mp link for recording purposes.


  1. Host: Harrharrqi
  2. Organizer: Harrharrqi, Weed
  3. Mappool: Flask, Weed, Kenny, Yuza
  4. Streamers: Harrharrqi, RavenRD
  5. Commentators:
  6. Referees: Harrharrqi, tigereyes144, RavenRD, Migin, KuroNeko2180
  7. Graphics: Andred44
  8. Spreadsheets: Harrharrqi with inspiration from last year's spreadsheeter

Rules are subject to change during the tournament for clarification.
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