North & South American Taiko Tournament 2019 [Concluded]

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Graphics design this year by DigitalHypno!

NSATT is a 32 Player, 1v1 Double Elimination tournament for players from the North and South American region and, this year, will take the place of NATT. It is to be played with the Score V2 system, and there will be many challenges for the players this year. Though the NoMod EX pool has been removed in this installment, the mappools will once again take a step upwards in difficulty due to player feedback from NATT 3.

Sign-ups are to be done via Forum PM. Please PM Garpo or incandescence with your information (Time Zone and “NoGo” times in UTC) to get registered! Only the top 32 players who register will be able to participate, we will update the registrations daily!

Status: Concluded
1st Place: janitoreihil
2nd Place: vladyushko
3rd Place: eae

Tournament Dates
(Subject to Change)
Registration Phase: June 1 - June 15
Group Stage: June 22 - 23
Round of 16: June 29 - 30
Quarter Finals: July 6 - 7
Semi Finals: July 13 - 14
Finals: July 20 - 21
Grand Finals: July 27 - 28

Tournament Information:
Tournament Organizers: incandescence and Garpo
Mappool Selectors: incandescence, Nifty, Lno, and _DUSK_
Streamer: Garpo and cheese salad
Commentators: incandescence, CaptainEChan, Beat43210, janitoreihil, DuckyDoom, Edgar_Figaro, and goheegy
Referees: JDrago14, Ney, Beat43210, Edgar_Figaro, Raphalge, goheegy, Stefan, Ulqui, radar, and Voltaeyx
Statisticians: Garpo
Wiki: driodx, incandescence

First Place: Profile Badge + 1 year of supporter (or $26 USD)
Second Place: 6 Months of Supporter (or $16 USD)
Third Place: 2 Months of Supporter (or $8 USD)

Registered Players



Stream Channel

  1. Only Players with a North or South American flag on their account are allowed to register in this tournament. This includes only the following countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Countries in the Caribbean and Central America may not sign up for this tournament.
  2. Group Stage matches are seeded based on global rank at the end of the registration period.
  3. NSATT will have a Group Stage followed by a knock-out double elimination structure with a loser bracket.
  4. NSATT matches will be 1v1 Taiko in team style format with a point given to the highest score achieved in the Score V2 system.
  5. The win conditions for each stage are as follows.
    In Group Stage, it is Bo7: First to score 4 points wins.
    In Round of 16, it is Bo9: First to score 5 points wins.
    In Quarterfinals and Semifinals, it is Bo11: First to score 6 points wins.
    In Finals and Grand Finals, it is Bo13: First to score 7 points wins.
  6. Map pools will start with 4 No Mod, 2 HD, 2 HR, 2 DT, 3 FM and 1 Tiebreaker. At the RO16, 1 NoMod will be added, and at the Finals, another NoMod will be added.
  7. Only the player who selects a FreeMod pick is required to use at least 1 mod. The opponent is not required to use a mod if they choose not to do so.
  8. You are allowed 1 map ban per match, this does not include the Tie-breaker.
  9. Each player can choose to play up to 1 warm-up map. A warm-up must be shorter than 4 minutes. If both players agree to one warm-up, the duration must be shorter than 6 minutes.
  10. Players roll to determine who will get the first pick and the first ban. The winner of roll will select the first map, whereas the loser will ban the first map.
  11. Tiebreaker will be played if both players are 1 point away from winning. It will not be Free Mod.
  12. In cases where a map results in a tie, the map is nullified and the Player who picked said map will pick another. (If the Tiebreaker ends in a draw, the tiebreaker will be replayed under FM.)
  13. If no staff or referee is available, the match will be postponed.
  14. Players will have up to 15 minutes after the scheduled time to show up. Failure to show up without prior notice will result in a win by default.
  15. Players may not directly throw a match. If a player chooses to do so, a rematch will be forced. If the match is still thrown, the player will be ejected from the tournament.
  16. If a player disconnects during a map:
    -If it before 30 seconds into the map, the referee will abort the map, and it will be replayed.
    -If it is after 30 seconds into the map, it is up to the discretion of the referee.
  17. Any modification of these rules will be announced.
Clicked the wrong forum, this is Gameplay & Rankings, not Tournament
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xenal wrote:

Clicked the wrong forum, this is Gameplay & Rankings, not Tournament

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registrations now open!
Make a non-regional taiko tournament for once please 😭
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