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EXTRA!!! EXTRA!!! President Achromalia revealed under!!!!

News shakes OT today as an explicit capture of our president is makes it into the open public. Yes, our bony president is facing some unwanted attention today as some denizens wonder and others remain in shock. While any person would be angry to be caught without anything on them, this case is even more explicit to our fellow president, Achromalia.

Today we discovered that he all is not what appears to be when it comes to his appearance. Some speculated that his movements are weird, often resembling a dreadful motion. Other have argued that the undead always move like that. However, the conspiracy theorists were not convinced. An anonymous source claims he decided to get to the bottom of this and prove they are not crackpots once and for all. Today we see the result of such effort. Footage of the president was posted early today, and quickly spread all across the OT networks gaining popularity at a record smashing rate. The following is the footage posted. Discretion is advised.

!!! WARNING !!!

We have not yet heard a statement from the president, and we expect it to be some time until he is ready to speak. . .
You forgot the "A" in Breaking... Owh~~

And the image is cursed. Now I'm scarred for awhile... :|
Soo thats how it swing.
Some would say that it's a cool party trick.

the fuck


that's not how i move. i could show you a quick video of my movements using my bonedroid phone with the *best* quality around, if you'd like. my spine's quite attached to my body and i don't make jerky movements like that much.

the animation you made does look pretty dreadful, if there's some resemblance to a worm you wish to connect, then improve your animation quality a bit. some more in-between frames will do, and make sure the bottom of the severed spine actually stays firmly planted on the ground if you want it to look decent without having it squirm all over the place with all that pressure of the skull on it.

pretty damn unnatural movements.

(hmm. if i were to do this, i guess it's good practice of my animation skills. i don't really animate, though i wish i could.)
minimal effort went into the making of this, and by minimal I mean whatever time I spent procrastinating on shit I had to do.
I missed this OT forum :'(
damn that was beautifull
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