[2v2][STD][120k - 50k][REG Closed] Mirai. Idol Tournament 2019

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Mirai Subject

Welcome to the Mirai. Idol Tournament!

(featuring songs from BanG Dream!, Love Live! and others)

This is an osu! standard (scorev2) 2v2 international tournament for people in the rank range of 120.000 - 50.000.
We are doing a different experimental tournament this time. We all know how last Winter Tournament went (2 months just for group stages)
This time we're doing a (relatively speaking) quick one that's only a month long (+ 1/2 weeks).
Sign ups open today (April 1st) and will end April 10th.

The maximum amount of people in a team is 4 (four) and the bracket itself is completely single elimination randomly seeded with a cap of 16 teams.

General Match Rules

Available here


Schedules will be available once sign ups are finished and the bracket is final.


None, until we get sponsors.
There's also going to be no badge.


Hosts: Mirai Subject & Deadpulse

Referees: oralekin | Redavor | breadman | Apsuko | rock-on | kristoffer09 | Green_Planet

Mappool Selectors: Deadpulse | Ice_Crusherrino | loler123903

Streamers/Commentators: SacretSword | Mirai Subject | kristoffer09


If you have any issues during sign up join the Discord as a spectator and let us know!

Ranks will not get locked down once registration closes, if you overrank during the tournament it doesn't matter.
Teams will get locked once registration closes, so you will not be able to make any adjustments anymore after the deadline.

Note: Any other info such as procedures and announcements will be on the discord server! You will automatically join the server during registration.
2nd Note: We have the right to take you out of the tournament if we find you suspicious or breaking the rules listed on the discord and/or the match rules document.

This tourney's mappools will consist of 4NMs, 3HDs, 3HRs, 3DTs, 3FMs, 1TB all in the range of 3.5* - 5*
There will be at least two mappools for this tournament.
We are not sure regarding the theme if we are able to do a third one yet.
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Mirai Subject
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Mirai Subject
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