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Who is your motivator for CTB?

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The hype I get from playing cool songs
For playing - MBomb and others in the UK o!c community

For mapping - anyone who ever played and enjoyed my maps <3
For me, it would probably be my friend, WitheringSou1. A few months ago, our ranks were really similar and it was just a competition to so who gets better the fastest. But then I stopped farming and he sped ahead.
Gameplay: andysun, Venlas (for spinning), b-a-d-s123 (for HD), Abstract- (for DT)
Mapping: Spectator
Motivator in the early days: Krzysiek
Now: osu! friends and the feeling of progress up to this point
i'd like to announce that i have gotten new motivators for osu!catchthebeat kulli and taco forgotten

Nikolai wrote:

i'd like to announce that i have gotten new motivators for osu!catchthebeat kulli and taco forgotten
Kulli mainittu :pogchamp:
Fl4ndre Scarlet
SSPortal and KamuiFGakupo was my motivators
strange that i haven't seen him already but : ExGon
Since i started playing he was always at the top throwing out impossible scores left and right and i kinda wanted to be like him well rip
Ritmo Brigido
in my 5 years playing this my only goal is to pass Dark Diego in Ranked Score and all to i can, because i think he is the best chilean player (in my opinion) so at the same time is my inspiration to make more than him
In the early days amay173 was my inspiration to get better and improve.

Now my friends are my motivation to play, improve and stuffs, in particular people like:
-Kaguya, Nana Hiragi, LeWind, Emily Yukari, Eito and many more!

For "skill": I've always admired [224]Reol when he was still active. Nowadays its Amlink, Netamaru,He Ang Erika,geraldwch,Trent,LeWind,Motion,Hyperw7 and of course Exgon
In the early : Drafura/Rantanzyon/VelperK/Deif and some friend

Now : None because I mostly know nobody lol..
Shadow Legend
i watch exgon alot and a bit of velpy above XD when velpy done harmonika i found it kl i never expect to pass myself one day lol as crazy as it is XD however i dont watch them all the time so i wouldnt say motivator just people ive watched lol i get better more i play XDDD
Anne Fechner 2
I was motivated by the player zHiroki, who had overtaken me at that time, after I had stopped playing the mode some time ago. Nowadays I have managed to overtake him and give myself my own drive to play. but I'm still happy when he has a play again, because I really like to compete with him
mostly myself but there's other people like cxlucha
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