GARNiDELiA - Burning Soul

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on April 10, 2023 at 7:08:33 PM

Artist: GARNiDELiA
Title: Burning Soul
Source: Soulworker
Tags: Violet Cry IamKwan Rizia kawaiwkyik Gaia cRyo[iceeicee] Kyle73 Little cloudsplash16 Dubturt Akitoshi Corinn -laura- Soul Worker your destiny awaits Main Theme Song SW Game Japanese pop メイリア maria ソウルワーカー
BPM: 175
Filesize: 7969kb
Play Time: 01:35
Difficulties Available:
  1. cRyo's Supernova (5.06 stars, 366 notes)
  2. Dubturt's Hard (3.66 stars, 255 notes)
  3. Exitus (5.14 stars, 379 notes)
  4. Gaia's Hysteria (5.04 stars, 353 notes)
  5. KwaN's Easy (1.75 stars, 99 notes)
  6. Kyle73's Manic (4.4 stars, 314 notes)
  7. Little's Normal (2.33 stars, 202 notes)
  8. Makitoshi's Hard (3.56 stars, 256 notes)
  9. wkyik's Manic (4.55 stars, 311 notes)
Download: GARNiDELiA - Burning Soul
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

nono Guild feat. Rizia and cRyo[iceeicee]
Diffnames inspired from Ingame.
BGs are all official artworks from the game.

Full Version set by Makitoshi

Thanks Yogurtt and nexusqi for nominations
Ty AirinCat for the mp3 file.
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