Cartography Championship 2019 (Announcement)

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Organized by LowAccuracySS and Smokeman

Welcome to the first ever Cartography Championship!

About the Cartography Championship
The Cartography Championship is an unofficial team mapping tournament with an elimination and bracket system consisting of multiple stages. The tournament is structured to be competitive, and mappers will face each other with multiple rounds knocking out the worse mappers until only 2 teams stand. In the bracket stages, a variety of songs will be presented and each team will be able to ban one of them without the knowledge of the other teams bans. Each team may use this mechanic to strategically select the optimal song, so think carefully about your priorities!

Elimination Stage:
You have 4 short songs to choose from. The top 8 teams will then face off in the upcoming bracket stages seeded according to their scores and picked song. Your first submission will also sign you up for the tournament (see the sign up sheet)

Bracket Stages:
A number of songs will be presented to all the teams. The teams will have 24 hours to ban a song. The remaining song from the chosen bans will be selected as the song for the teams to map. If multiple teams should ban the same song, all teams will be asked for their preference among the remaining songs. If the preferences are unanimous, that song will picked. Else a roll will take place deciding randomly between the available songs. It's up to the participants to decide how they will go about banning songs, just note that once a vote is cast there will be no modifications allowed.

Once you have completed your map, submit it via Discord or forum PM. If your submission is unfinished, please specify to what extent in your submission message. The submission message must also include the parts each mapper mapped and other notable efforts like who hitsounded the map.

February 16th: Sign-ups are opened, and the mapping period of the Elimination stage begins.
March 9th: Sign-ups close, and the judging period of the Elimination stage begins, while the mapping period ends.
March 23rd: Judging for the Elimination stage ends, and teams move on.
March 23rd: The mapping period for the Quarterfinals begins.
April 6th: The mapping period for the Quarterfinals ends, and the judging period begins.
April 13th: Judging for the Quarterfinals ends, and teams move on.
April 13th: The mapping period for the Semifinals begins.
April 27th: The mapping period for the Semifinals end, and the judging period begins.
April 27th: Judging for the Semifinals ends, and teams move on.
May 4th: The mapping period for the Finals begins.
May 11th: The mapping period for the Finals ends, and the judging period begins.
May 18th: Judging for the Finals ends, and a winner is declared with a results post.
May 18th: Prizes are given out, and the contest concludes.

Contestant sign-ups
Join the discord server and fill out the sign-up form when you are finished with your first entry!

Anyone can participate as long as they team up with at least one other mapper with up to 3 others (Teams of up to 4 members). You can also choose a team name! If you don't have a team and would like to join, you can ask in the discord server.

About the teams
  1. Not every team member has to map in each submission, but each member has to map at least 10% of the song picked.
  2. Hitsounding does not need to be divided up between all the team members.
  3. Other (visually) enhancing elements do not have to be divided up between all the team members.
  4. If a member didn't contribute enough in the final and semi final stage they will be exempt from any rewards. This means that if you don't do notable hitsounding work or do under 20% mapping participation, you will not be eligible to receive rewards. This is to ensure people don't get carried.

About the Songs
The songs have been selected based on three groups of criteria:
Type I: Competence / Complexity / Specialty
Type II: Consistency / Innovation
Type III: Length / Endurance

As the tournament progresses, the length and complexity of the songs will increase as well as the expected quality of entries.

The judges are expected to follow the strict deadlines put forth by a tournament of this nature!

To make sure this will be a success we decided to follow the following protocol:
  1. Main Judges will be judging in each stage of the tournament while Assistant Judges will help to assure a wider range of opinions on the maps especially during the Elimination stage as having to judge upwards of 32 submissions in a short amount of time can be very daunting and put the fluidity of the tournament at risk.
  2. During Elimination stage we will have judges state which of the songs they would prefer to judge. Depending on the outcome we will divide the judges up equally among the songs. The idea is to have at least one or two Main Judges in each for each song. If you as a main judge would like to judge all the submissions then we can allow that too.
  3. Depending on the turn-up rate Assistant Judges will be able to judge during the Quarterfinals.
  4. Semifinals and Finals should be judged by the same judges to ensure consistency.

The measures above are only there to ensure a smooth running tournament and are only there to give a guideline to what to expect if you want to apply as a judge. Sign up as an assistant if you are unsure about scheduling conflicts during the whole tournament.

In the case of too few Main Judges we will ask Assistant Judges to step in or just run with a sub-optimal judging system. We would not like to turn to this, so please sign up as a judge if you are interested!

Judge sign-ups
Join the discord server and fill out the sign-up form!

We are looking for 3 to 4 Main Judges and 3 to 4 Assistant Judges. The decision process will be based on experience the applicant provide in judging, modding, and mapping. Main Judges should be ready to judge a set of maps in a week to two weeks consistently (extensions possible but not desired). If a judge should run into scheduling problems which would cause them to not be able to keep a deadline then they should notify the organizers immediately so a replacement can be found in due time for the round or the remaining contest. If a judge should fail to keep the deadline they will be replaced regardless of position.

First place: 3 months of supporter for each contestant.
Second place: 2 months of supporter for each contestant.
Third place: 1 months of supporter for each contestant.

Elimination stage songs
(Type II) ARForest - Flashback |
(Type II) void - Dedication |
(Type I) Nekomata Master - Despair of ELFERIA |
(Type I) Rise Against - The Violence (Short Version) |

For further questions or concerns please read the FAQ on the discord server or ask us directly in the chat. We also put together this spreadsheet to visualize the structure of the tournament along with with the judging criteria.

May the best mappers win!
My face is pogging irl
Goddangit Wokeman stole me and Jory's idea jk :^)
the rare mapping contest that reveals the song choice before the contest even starts

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hey, that's pretty good
Will teams be mapping full sets or one difficulty as a group?

Hiicantpk wrote:

Will teams be mapping full sets or one difficulty as a group?

One difficulty as a group for each round.
hmm, now for actually finding teammates
seems like a pretty well organised contest, good job
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