Yiruma - River Flows in You [Paul John's Remix]

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Third beat map - No Video
Yiruma - River Flows in You

Place this file in the /songs directory.

Game footage:

Music remix by Paul John
He's advertising for myspace! :shock: BAN HIM :mrgreen:

Wow, very ambitious map! It's the first I know with different BPMs within the same song, and also the first piano song for osu. And it's $%@#^ hard to boot :D

Very nicely done, the variable tempo take a little getting used to, and also the elasticity of the song means the timing of some notes may be *slightly* off. Definitely not a big issue though.

NOTE: Towards the end of the song, players may find a set of long green sliders which seem to be impossibly overlapped. This is a bug which will be fixed in the next update.

Awesome work bubu! Keep the momentum going ;)
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myspace is a big community - hopefully osu! will take off aswell; going strong atm, nice inflows of beatmaps too from all around the globe.

I should be studying - no more beatmaps from me for now
for at least another few hours.
Tell me when the slider is fixed and I'll add to the official list!
Haven't got around to playing this one yet - I'll wait until you fix it up :>

Edit: Uh, well crap. Its actually ME that needs to do the fixing :roll: . Its a bug which will be fixed in tonight's release.
thsi beatmap is down. can someone reup?
I really want this beatmap again!!!!!!

eba_boy123 wrote:

I really want this beatmap again!!!!!!
Download it at Beatmap Pack #03
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