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Hello and welcome to the first ever edition of the osu!mania 4K LN Tournament! As the name implies, this is the first tournament to be FULLY focused on LN maps, and nothing else.

Registering to this tournament will be very simple: Post your osu! Username, current rank, and Discord username here, and join the Discord Server, and you'll be all set! I am currently planning to let the top 32 players go through the qualifiers stage, but if there is more interest than expected, then I will open it up to more people. Also, all staff members, except for streamers, commentators and designers are not allowed to participate in this tournament.

Here's an example in case you don't get it:
osu! Username: FayeurS 5

Current rank: #12,345
Discord Username: FayeurS 5#0001

The dates of the tournament can now be found under this sentence. If there is only one date, then it means that's when the round begins, and is not the only day the round will be played.

February 10th - March 3rd: Registration phase

March 3rd - March 10th: Player background check More info about it here

March 16th: Qualifiers

March 23rd:Group Stage

March 30th: Group Stage Week 2

April 6th: Round Of 16 + Loser's Bracket Round 1

April 13th: Quaterfinals + Loser's Bracket Round 2

April 20th: Winner's Bracket Semi-finals + Loser's Bracket Round 3 and 4

April 27th: Winner's Bracket Finals + Loser's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals

May 4th: Grand Finals

  1. The Score System used will be ScoreV2.
  2. This is a 4K ONLY tournament.
  3. Being late by 10 minutes after match time will be considered as a lose by default.
  4. Respect is awaited from both players and staff members.
  5. Players will ban 2 maps per match (except in qualifiers where they cannot ban any map), making it 4 maps banned.
  6. Players will be using the !roll command in-game to decide on the order of picks and bans.
  7. Even during a tournament, osu! is still just a game, please do stay fair play.
  8. This is a 1v1 double-elimination tournament.
  9. Any osu!mania player who has not gotten any issues on their account standing within the past 12 months (This will be verified by osu! staff prior to the tournament.) can play in the tournament.
  10. Here is the BO of each round: - Group Stage and Round Of 16 + Loser's Bracket Round 1: BO7
    - Quaterfinals + Loser's Bracket Round 2: BO9
    - Winner's Bracket Semi-finals + Loser's Bracket Round 3 and 4: BO11
    - Winner's Bracket Finals + Loser's Bracket Finals and Grand Finals + Grand Finals: BO13

1st place: Profile badge (Now confirmed!)

osu! Username: PotassiumF
Current rank: #1019
Discord Username: juankristal#4362
osu! Username: jacketsniffing

Current rank: #5,184

Discord Username: Haru#6533
osu! Username: Amascite

Current rank: #528

Discord Username: Amascite#0016
Osu!username: Tr1pleSw4gX
Current Rank: #1555
Discord: Triple Swagger#2739
Pls no acc pick

Osu!username: BadIsTheNewGod
Current Rank: #1373
Discord: Bad~#4834
all LN maps picked that are mapped from me are frauds and should be banned 100%

osu! Username: Raveille
Current rank: #1,072
Discord Username: Raveille#7494
will there be SVs owo?

Osu!username: zero2snow
Current Rank: #1017
Discord Username: lwes#5467
hell yeah

osu! Username: Lenfried-
Current rank: #430
Discord Username: fakelenfried#2958
osu! Username: Jekashi
Current rank: #6,905
Discord Username: Soju (소주)#2230
osu! Username: RemFangirl
Current Rank : #258
Discord Username : Remu#7658
Mentai Cosmic
osu! Username: Bentai Bosmic
Current rank: #2,075
Discord Username: awful#7175
Hmmm this player list tho...

osu! Username: TheNewBungping
Current rank: #2522
Discord Username: Ping#3756
ok that's Epic

osu! Username: Koiidex
Current rank: #1537
Discord Username: Koiidex#5355
osu! Username: YaLTeR
Current rank: #2,699
Discord Username: YaLTeR#9072
osu! Username: MrShiister
Current rank: #3474
Discord Username: Mr.Shi-ster#3287
osu! Username: Neyra

Current rank: #2 789

Discord Username: Neyra アルビノ#2563
osu! Username : Loily
Current rank : #5917
Discord Username : Loily#2661

Osu! Username : MillaMaxwelle
Current rank : 794
Discord Name : MillaMaxwelle#3244
OSU! Username: Shiyui-

Current rank: #1,969

DISCORD: Shiyui#8199
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