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M4M: ✓ GD: ✓ NM: ✓
Request Format

Type of Request: <M4M/GD/NM>
Difficulty: (Which difficulty I should mod/map in order of priority)
Additional Info (Optional): <Set Gimmicks, Style, What element of the map you want me to mod, basically anything extra you want me to know about your map>
Rules and Stuff

  1. First Come, First Serve I'll take a look at every map, in order
  2. Only ONE MAP per request you can make a request as many times as you want when I'm open but keep it to one map every time.
  3. Don't put multiple types of requests in one that means, only request either NM, GD, or M4M and not 2 at the same time it's awkward to assume what type of request I should treat it as just make up your mind and commit to the m4m bro
I mod one of your maps then you mod one of my maps.

  1. I Mod First If you mod my map, and for any reason I could not mod yours. I have no obligation to give you a ticket or fulfill my end of the deal at any point.
  2. M4M will always be accepted unless it breaks any above rules or there are other complications
  3. Don't be shy to do M4M with me, I take any and all kinds of feedback on my map. You can't improve if you don't try.
I make a difficulty on one of your maps

  1. Same-Day doesn't apply Obviously, mapping doesn't take a day to do.
  2. Must Be Pushing For Ranked This is to ensure my efforts aren't unnecessarily wasted. If your map passes my own standards or is of rankable-quality then I am more likely to accept your request.
  3. No Easy/Beginner diffs Easy diffs are too restricted to actually make a worthwhile map in my opinion.
  4. Preferably Insanes/Light Insanes I like making insanes and those diffs usually come out better anyway
  5. Monstrata-style Mapping My main source of inspiration, Expect Hexgrids, Geometric Patterns, Simpler Rhythm or if the song allows it, Alt-patterns and Dense Kicksliders
  6. TV-Size is strongly preferred If I know you cut out some really pog stuff from the song then I'll be less likely to accept it though.
  7. Song preference Very apparent for longer maps. If it's not TV-Size and I don't like the song, consider your request rejected. I cannot finish long maps where I can't really vibe with the song. See Song Preference Box below for more information.
I "mod" your map or give feedback for free

  1. Unguaranteed accept rate NMs are of low priority to me because firstly I don't get anything from it x) secondly because most maps only need "generic" modding which is for me just dumb free labor
  2. No Song Preference "Be the change you want to be" I heavily dislike the fact that you are not able to get mods for your map because the song isn't liked by most so I will not give any bias towards any kind of song. I will purely judge whether or not I mod depending on the actual map. That said, songs that barely classify as songs or songs that barely feature any "rhythm" to work with have adverse effects to the map and will affect how I look at your request x)
If you happen to classify yourself as a "beginner mapper" you can try reaching out to me in chat or Discord instead. However if you just want to answer mods in the website then add a + on your NM request
Type of Request: NM+
then I'll know you're a beginner mapper looking for more in-depth feedback for your map. (This means I'm more likely if not, guaranteed to mod your map)

Note: Please do not abuse this request type when you know that you're not a beginner. Don't pull some stunt where you just try to flex your map on me in attempts to get praise. I will blacklist anyone who abuses this.
Contact Me
  1. Old Forum PM Message
  2. New Website Messenger
  3. In-game Chat
  4. Discord: Dudamesh#6958
Other Info

It means I mod your map in the same day as my timezone, I should close everytime I sleep but if I leave it open that means I am taking requests overnight.

This concept allows me to quickly get through all mods and assure mappers whether or not their request was accepted or denied in the same day. No longer shall you wait for unguaranteed mods if you happen to have trouble finding modders. Feel free to request as many times as you want, though do keep it to one map per request

I also show which requests I reject and accept every last post, so you can see if I accepted or not, I ignore any requests that don't follow the format though :>
Although I accept any kind of songs in my queue, there is a higher chance for me to accept your request if I really like the song. For GDs, if I don't "like" the song but the song is doing something interesting (i.e. not a boring 1/2 spam song) or it's a really catchy song then odds are I'll probably still accept/try mapping it.

I have a small playlist that you can browse to see what stuff I vibe with but basically I like JPop, Electronic, and almost anything from Hololive. Some notable artists would be: Tristam, Hyper Potions, Yunomi, HoneyComeBear, Aiobahn, REDSHIFT, Neko Hacker and YUC'e
Hololive Fantasy - Interact Fantasia please prioritize diffs without/fewer mods
Maps I've finished modding and are now waiting for them to mod-back my maps

- 2583695's beatmapsets/922141#mania/1925701
- PizzaOOF's beatmapsets/964856#osu/2019884

badmapmaker users/8949504
Completed Mods:
- <player>'s <beatmap link> (MM/DD/YY)
- jamesjan3's beatmapsets/920728#osu/1922755 (2/10/19)
- [ZETA]'s beatmapsets/918635 (2/10/19)
- Jelljel's beatmapsets/924535#osu/1931114 (2/12/19)
- SquareTude's beatmapsets/925628 (2/13/19) +Ranked
- Natsuumi's beatmapsets/910401#osu/1901663 (2/14/19)
- 2583695's beatmapsets/922141#mania/1925701 (3/2/19)
- Blan_C's beatmapsets/933442#osu (3/3/19)
- _Asha's beatmapsets/930970#mania/1944956 (3/3/19) +Ranked
- ababab0306's beatmapsets/886126#mania/1852994 (3/3/19) +Ranked
- Dogerinoo's beatmapsets/934496#osu/1950997 (3/9/19)
- Joe Castle's beatmapsets/958362#osu/2006597 (4/25/19) +Ranked
- M P I's beatmapsets/957050#osu/2003599 (5/1/19)
- Fisky's beatmapsets/942332#osu/1967646 (5/1/19)
- PizzaOOF's beatmapsets/964856#osu/2019884 (5/1/19)
- AxNae's beatmapsets/962582 (5/1/19)
- xIced's beatmapsets/962970#osu/2021240 (5/6/19)
- Muu-chan's beatmapsets/949106#mania/2016754 (5/7/19) +Ranked
- ImmaPartyCookie's beatmapsets/953127#osu/1990064 (5/8/19)
- AlexLovesYou's beatmapsets/967596#osu/2024923 (5/9/19)
- Zomer's beatmapsets/967587#mania/2025056 (5/10/19)
- storn42's beatmapsets/969396#mania/2028169 (5/12/19)
- -Liban-'s beatmapsets/970212#osu/2030351 (5/12/19)
- PokeSky's beatmapsets/941471#mania/1966017 (5/16/19) [NM]
- Azunyan's beatmapsets/908939#osu/1896815 (5/17/19)
- ShiiTsuin's beatmapsets/961781#osu/2013917 (5/17/19) [NM]
- 123ysg's beatmapsets/941413#mania/1965905 (5/17/19) [NM]
- StarCastler's beatmapsets/967449 (5/18/19) [NM]
- yuitui's beatmapsets/970462#osu/2031187 (5/18/19)
- Polnareff's beatmapsets/965488#osu/2021052 (5/19/19) [NM]
- Semel's beatmapsets/979230#osu/2051524 (5/30/19) [NM]
- Deep Kimchi's beatmapsets/979279 (6/1/19) [NM]
- Involutiou's beatmapsets/981765#osu/2054784 (6/3/19) [NM]
- Mrgglock's beatmapsets/981679#osu/2054427 (6/4/19)
- C O N N E R's beatmapsets/804193#osu/1688065 (6/4/19) [NM] +Ranked
- GaiMocCu's beatmapsets/995265#osu/2081980 (7/2/19) [NM]
- dennischan's beatmapsets/961846#osu/2075740 (7/2/19) [NM]
- ts332vn's beatmapsets/996318#osu/2083964 (7/6/19) [NM]
- verychill's beatmapsets/963038#osu/2016356 (7/6/19) [NM]
- Sinnoh's beatmapsets/998623#osu/2088705 (7/9/19)
- AxNae's beatmapsets/976918#osu/2088897 (7/9/19) [NM]
- Kawa's beatmapsets/639589#osu/1356459 (11/5/19) [NM]
- PokeSky's beatmapsets/1040435#mania/2174536 (11/5/19 [NM]
- CSNetro's beatmapsets/1053426#osu/2201329 (11/6/19) [NM]
- takosuke12's beatmapsets/1090914#osu/2280565 (1/14/20) [NM]
- Alpha100000's beatmapsets/1042738#osu/2179535 (1/15/20) [NM]
- Akareh's beatmapsets/1065894#osu/2233823 (1/17/20) +Ranked
- Amamiya Yuki-'s beatmapsets/1204861#osu/2508816 (7/2/20) [NM]
- Abelia's beatmapsets/1190210#osu/2479831 (7/2/20) [NM]
- LowAccuracySS's beatmapsets/1199692#osu/2498292 (7/3/20)
- CaptainCactus's beatmapsets/1204709#osu/2510137 (7/3/20) [NM]
- Megarymen's beatmapsets/1203589#osu/2506254 (7/4/20)
- Mithia's beatmapsets/1197442#osu/2494259 (7/4/20)
- Lorn's beatmapsets/1202211#osu/2503780 (7/5/20) [NM]
- CebollaVladimir's beatmapsets/1176533#osu/2453897 (7/5/20) [NM]
- MyAngelMegu's beatmapsets/1182772#osu/2470710 (7/6/20) [NM]
- Sisig's beatmapsets/1196637#osu/2492838 (7/6/20) [NM]
- Thexo's beatmapsets/1204351#osu/2507795 (7/6/20) [NM]
- MelonThug's beatmapsets/1207660#osu/2514856 (7/6/20) [NM]
- PotatoDew's beatmapsets/1158182#osu/2417035 (7/6/20) [NM] +Ranked
- EnderKnight60's beatmapsets/1204079#osu/2507271 (7/6/20) [NM]
- Mateus_Lr's beatmapsets/1140099#osu/2381438 (7/6/20) [NM]
- 871's beatmapsets/1030029#osu/2155036 (7/9/20) [NM]
- Syntaxxx's beatmapsets/1209346#osu/2519080 (7/9/20) [NM]
- cndo's beatmapsets/1194211#osu/2487999 (7/10/20) [NM]
- Asphyre's beatmapsets/1169658#osu/2452006 (7/10/20) [NM]
- Stuvz's beatmapsets/1196192#osu/2491732 (7/10/20) [NM]
- josh1024's beatmapsets/887036#osu/2507708 (7/10/20)
- [BH]Lithium's beatmapsets/1200316#osu/2499619 (7/10/20) [NM]
- Natabu's beatmapsets/1213458#osu/2525484 (7/14/20) [NM]
- Flake's beatmapsets/1207302#osu/2522910 (7/14/20) [NM]
- Bloopy's beatmapsets/1210967#osu/2520899 (7/14/20)
- Abinda's beatmapsets/1210865#osu/2520733 (7/22/20)
- CaptainBasculin's beatmapsets/1168859 (7/22/20)
- san undertal's beatmapsets/1174902#osu/2450610 (7/27/20)
- FrenZ396's beatmapsets/713926#osu/2467744 (7/28/20)
- Antlia-'s beatmapsets/1218483#osu/2535286 (8/6/20)
- Matthewwwwww's beatmapsets/1229959#osu/2557195 (8/7/20)
- -swishy-'s beatmapsets/1230377#osu/2557919 (8/8/20) [NM]
- Raghub's beatmapsets/1186064#osu/2473161 (8/8/20) [NM]
- bima fajar's beatmapsets/1095022#osu/2481727 (8/8/20) [NM]
- Wei Wuxian's beatmapsets/1203956#osu/2507056 (8/14/20)
- Trizept's beatmapsets/350703#osu/773132 (8/27/20)
- KatTheGod's beatmapsets/1242507#osu/2583142 (8/27/20)
- Mrgglock's beatmapsets/1226865#osu/2551219 (8/29/20) [NM]
- [ B l u e ]'s beatmapsets/1235736#osu/2568821 (8/29/20) [NM]
- MDFreso's beatmapsets/1247299#osu/2592550 (9/2/20) [NM]
- Nathan31's beatmapsets/1235010#osu/2594105 (9/2/20) [NM]
- NekuMagetsu's beatmapsets/1245063#osu/2587991 (9/2/20) [NM]
- sleeplessIL's beatmapsets/1266321#osu/2631837 (10/1/20) [NM]
- TrailblazerYT's beatmapsets/1268081#osu/2635324 (10/1/20) [NM]
- Chanmann's beatmapsets/1234241#osu/2565743 (10/1/20)
- Full Combo's beatmapsets/1241805#osu/2581688 (10/1/20) [NM]
- Magirhythm's beatmapsets/1259517#osu/2618228 (10/1/20) [NM]
- Ferdeza's beatmapsets/1206900#osu/2513450 (10/2/20)
- Hinsvar's beatmapsets/1087638#osu/2504846 (10/2/20) [NM] +Ranked
- Kimchi Sandwich's beatmapsets/1245262#osu/2588435 (10/2/20)
- Sisig's beatmapsets/1267577#osu/2634313 (10/2/20)
- Zelzatter Zero's beatmapsets/1159693 (10/2/20)
- mister pork's beatmapsets/1267230#osu/2633641 (10/4/20) [NM]
- Xcest's beatmapsets/1233116#osu/2584247 (10/6/20)
- GhastlyXeno's beatmapsets/1276652#osu/2652348 (10/19/20)
- TritoBandito's beatmapsets/1268285#osu/2635858 (10/20/20)
- elicz1's beatmapsets/1273985#osu/2647187 (10/20/20) +Ranked
- Jiysea's beatmapsets/1282080#osu/2662925 (10/21/20) +Ranked
- Abidodol's beatmapsets/1424631#osu/2933761 (4/7/21) [NM]
- Dinotronik's beatmapsets/1387013#osu/2864959 (4/7/21) [NM]
- Will_The_Eagle's beatmapsets/1414440#osu/2915387 (4/7/21) [NM]
- Kreign's beatmapsets/1411908#osu/2910625 (4/8/21) [NM+]
- Mocaotic's beatmapsets/1339074#osu/2774126 (4/8/21) [NM] +Ranked
- Sanzu_Alternate's beatmapsets/1347060#osu/2825218 (4/10/21)
- JustBurak's beatmapsets/1427257#osu/2938761 (4/10/21)
- Vararaup's beatmapsets/1420775#osu/2926504 (4/11/21) [NM] +Ranked
- Setsuro's beatmapsets/1425367#osu/2935136 (4/11/21) [NM]
- Ztumpie's beatmapsets/1398887#osu/2886287 (4/12/21) [NM]
- catch the ExGon's beatmapsets/1366653#osu/2826505 (4/12/21) [NM]
- monan's beatmapsets/1185749 (4/12/21) [NM]
- JoshEco4's beatmapsets/1420914 (4/12/21) [NM+]
- Topu's beatmapsets/1421805#osu/2932840 (4/13/21) [NM]
- conesaliiid's beatmapsets/1428525#osu/2941059 (4/13/21) [NM+]
- BadMapMaker's beatmapsets/1390743#osu/2871782 (4/13/21) [NM]
- tomatas95's beatmapsets/1343221#osu/2782231 (4/13/21) [NM] +Ranked
- KwAIMSuckASFuk's beatmapsets/1436901#osu/2956448 (4/21/21) +Ranked
- T-X's beatmapsets/1436992#osu/2956662 (4/21/21)
- TPholySheet's beatmapsets/1435193#osu/2953265 (4/21/21) [NM]
- Bloxi's beatmapsets/1253563#osu/2605123 (4/23/21) [NM]
- Snowy Wind's beatmapsets/1435375#osu/2953566 (4/23/21) [NM]
- Vare's beatmapsets/1437487#osu/2957563 (4/23/21) [NM+]
- MrLilBoi's beatmapsets/1403885#osu/2895549 (4/26/21) [NM+]
- bohan_'s beatmapsets/1436851#osu/2956328 (4/29/21) [NM+]
- resahc's beatmapsets/1437285#osu/2957213 (5/1/21) [NM+]
- GameKenny's beatmapsets/1433150#osu/2949434 (5/1/21) [NM+]
- HDChung's beatmapsets/1285793#osu/2669696 (5/9/21)
Total: 132 ✗ ✓
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jamesjan3 wrote:
lets m4m

accepted xD


Done, sorry I couldn't contribute more, most of the issues I found were already mentioned
(modded [Hard] and [Insane])
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[ZETA] wrote:

M4M please,



Done, lots of stuff I wasn't quite satisfied but hopefully it gets fixed :)
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shameless thread bumping

I usually play at around 8:00pm (GMT+8) Philippine Time
So if you don't catch me online, try tomorrow at this ^ time
my modding skill is bad but eh let's m4m anyway thx
Well hello there, i would like you to mod my map:
its DIFF 5.3 so i hope its still in your range
Length is 5 minutes so its probably a little longer than you would like but on the other hand it only has one diff so i guess that makes up for it.
It is a electronic song and its repetetive XD Still hope you like it anyway ^^
btw i didnt read rules
In terms of m4m i would rather mod as i like the song more than the other one, even though it has lower prio to you. I hope thats ok for you :)
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oPeN pLeAsE HeLp
Love Dramatic by Masayuki Suzuki ft. Rikka Ihara, op of Love is War anime.
3 diffs, NHI.
Waiting for your response owo :)
Topic Starter

SquareTude wrote:

Love Dramatic by Masayuki Suzuki ft. Rikka Ihara, op of Love is War anime.
3 diffs, NHI.
Waiting for your response owo :)
Done, although your mapping is already good or I'm just not good enough to point out some stuff that could be better xd

Hyped your map, good luck bro~!
I'm not an experienced modder either xD
rosario wknd
Topic Starter

Natsuumi wrote:

I'm not an experienced modder either xD


rosario wknd wrote:
ill do m4m
Queued for Tomorrow! (sorry was busy with Natsuumi's)

aaand Closed!
Topic Starter
Revamped almost everything in this Queue!
(Any posts above this post will be following outdated rules! Don't mind these posts as they're kept for reference)

And we are Back OPEN
Time Check: 10:15PM (UTC+8)
will be sleeping in approximately 2 or so hours :)
Pick one.

Game Mode: <Standard>

Type of Request: <M4M>

Difficulty: Dreamcast: A Memory of a Reverie [papple's Extra] 5.67*


Additional Info: 4:36* / this diff only if ever accepted.
Game Mode: <Mania>

Type of Request: <M4M>

Difficulty: Advance 2.67*


Additional Info: H4H if youre lazy to mod this.

Topic Starter
Time Check: 12:15AM (UTC+8)

I accepted Aiseca's Mania map and it was a record mod for me, over 89 mods on one difficulty!

See you again next time! (gonna be busy this week)
Topic Starter
Time Check: 7:50AM (UTC+8)

Just woke up and opened up my Modding Queue, bear in mind that I'll be eating, taking a bath and doing other stuff so I might just be afk when you post a mod request. If that happens and I happen to be Online, just PM me in-game to confirm :))

5 min metal low bpm map 5.7*

Well I can m4m but remind me through pm, you can take your time with the mod since it's a marathon xd
Artist - Title : Hatsuki Yura - HAMELN
Length: 03:52

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