Same-Day Modding Queue STD/Mania [NM/M4M/GD]

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Important Info
  1. Same-Day Modding as in you get a mod in the same day
  2. I'm not a very experienced modder, keep that in mind when requesting in this queue
  3. I Live in the Philippines, that's UTC+8
  4. In weekdays, I can mod at 8:00PM up to roughly 11:00PM, weekends I can mod all day long.
  5. Read My Latest Post for Queue Status :>
  6. At least read relevant rules and follow the request format, I don't want to respond to copy-paste
  7. Contact me using the options below if you feel the need to inquire about your request, but only make requests here in the forums
Contact Me
  1. Old Forum PM Message
  2. In-game Chat
  3. Discord: Dudamesh#6958
  4. Join my Server:
Request Format

[b]Type of Request:[/b] <M4M/GD/NM>

[b]Game Mode:[/b] <Standard or Mania>
[b]Difficulty:[/b] (Which difficulty I should mod/map in order of priority)
[b]Link:[/b] (Please don't put it next to the Link: so it's clickable)
[b]Additional Info:[/b] <Song Genre, Set Gimmicks, Type of Map, What makes your map special, etc.>
Rules and Stuff

  1. I'll mod only up to 1 diff on 3:00+ maps, 2 diffs on 1:30+ maps and 3 diffs on <1:30 This is to limit modding to let everyone have same-day modding
  2. Follow the format I don't want no copy-paste requesting
  3. Don't put multiple types of requests in one Don't think you can slip through by having many types of req, u gotta make up yo mind bro
  4. No Tech Maps I can't mod stuff that can just get waved off as intentional
  5. 4K Maps Only I can't mod any other key modes
  6. No diffs harder than Insane on Mania I'm not good enough to understand higher skill concepts and patterns, so Mania diffs will be limited to only up to 5* but there are exemptions

M4M (Mod4Mod)
  1. I Mod First If you mod my map, and for some reason I could not mod yours. I have no obligation to give you a ticket or fulfill my end of the deal at any point.
  2. M4M will always be accepted unless it breaks any above rules or there are other complications
  3. No requesting if you haven't mod-backed Find your name on the list below (Pending maps)

GD (Guest Difficulty)
  1. Same-Day doesn't apply Obviously, mapping doesn't take a day to do.
  2. Must be pushing for ranked I don't want to create a GD for a map that lurks on the Graveyard
  3. No Easy/Beginner diffs Easy diffs are too restrained, and very hard to do perfectly
  4. Song Preference If I don't like it, I won't map it. Significantly higher chance if your song is in here

NM (Normal Mod)
  1. Beginner Mappers are free to request anytime Hit me up in-game or request as many times as you want :>
    > I'm sure you all know whether or not you classify as a Beginner Mapper, so don't push your luck :>
    > If you are a Beginner Mapper, please say so in the Additional Info as this will boost your chances of getting accepted to almost guaranteed
  2. Unguaranteed Accept Rate Unless first rule ^ applies, NMs are of low priority to me and have a high likelihood that it will not be accepted unless I'm interested
  3. Unguaranteed Same-Day Modding While I will absolutely try my best to mod your map same-day, NMs will always be of lowest priority.
  4. Low Diffs have slightly more acceptance rate I want to help those who struggle on making low diffs such as Normals or Easy, so NMs on such diffs have a slight boost towards acceptance
  5. Song Preference Like on GD, if your song's in here then chances are I will accept it :>
Other Info
My Maps that Require Modding:


Higher on list = Higher Priority
Leftmost diff = Higher Priority
Maps I've finished modding and are now waiting for them to mod-back my maps

- by 2583695
- by PizzaOOF
Completed Mods:
- <player>'s <beatmap link> (MM/DD/YY)
- jamesjan3's (2/10/19)
- [ZETA]'s (2/10/19)
- Jelljel's (2/12/19)
- SquareTude's (2/13/19)
- Natsuumi's (2/14/19)
- 2583695's (3/2/19)
- Blan_C's (3/3/19)
- _Asha's (3/3/19)
- ababab0306's (3/3/19)
- Dogerinoo's (3/9/19)
- Joe Castle's (4/25/19)
- M P I's (5/1/19)
- Fisky's (5/1/19)
- PizzaOOF's (5/1/19)
- AxNae's (5/1/19)
- xIced's (5/6/19)
- Muu-chan's (5/7/19)
- ImmaPartyCookie's (5/8/19)
- AlexLovesYou's (5/9/19)
- Zomer's (5/10/19)
- storn42's (5/12/19)
- -Liban-'s (5/12/19)
- PokeSky's (5/16/19) [First NM!]
- Azunyan's (5/17/19)
- ShiiTsuin's (5/17/19) [NM]
- 123ysg's (5/17/19) [NM]
- StarCastler's (5/18/19) [NM]
- yuitui's (5/18/19)
- Polnareff's (5/19/19) [NM]
- Semel's (5/30/19) [NM]
- Deep Kimchi's (6/1/19) [NM]
- Involutiou's (6/3/19) [NM]
- Mrgglock's (6/4/19)
- C O N N E R's (6/4/19) [NM]
- GaiMocCu's (7/2/19) [NM]
- dennischan's (7/2/19) [NM]
- ts332vn's (7/6/19) [NM]
- verychill's (7/6/19) [NM]
- Sinnoh's (7/9/19)
- AxNae's (7/9/19) [NM]
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jamesjan3 wrote:
lets m4m

accepted xD


Done, sorry I couldn't contribute more, most of the issues I found were already mentioned
(modded [Hard] and [Insane])
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[ZETA] wrote:

M4M please,



Done, lots of stuff I wasn't quite satisfied but hopefully it gets fixed :)
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shameless thread bumping

I usually play at around 8:00pm (GMT+8) Philippine Time
So if you don't catch me online, try tomorrow at this ^ time
my modding skill is bad but eh let's m4m anyway thx
Well hello there, i would like you to mod my map:
its DIFF 5.3 so i hope its still in your range
Length is 5 minutes so its probably a little longer than you would like but on the other hand it only has one diff so i guess that makes up for it.
It is a electronic song and its repetetive XD Still hope you like it anyway ^^
btw i didnt read rules
In terms of m4m i would rather mod as i like the song more than the other one, even though it has lower prio to you. I hope thats ok for you :)
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oPeN pLeAsE HeLp
Love Dramatic by Masayuki Suzuki ft. Rikka Ihara, op of Love is War anime.
3 diffs, NHI.
Waiting for your response owo :)
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SquareTude wrote:

Love Dramatic by Masayuki Suzuki ft. Rikka Ihara, op of Love is War anime.
3 diffs, NHI.
Waiting for your response owo :)
Done, although your mapping is already good or I'm just not good enough to point out some stuff that could be better xd

Hyped your map, good luck bro~!
I'm not an experienced modder either xD
rosario wknd
Topic Starter

Natsuumi wrote:

I'm not an experienced modder either xD


rosario wknd wrote:
ill do m4m
Queued for Tomorrow! (sorry was busy with Natsuumi's)

aaand Closed!
Topic Starter
Revamped almost everything in this Queue!
(Any posts above this post will be following outdated rules! Don't mind these posts as they're kept for reference)

And we are Back OPEN
Time Check: 10:15PM (UTC+8)
will be sleeping in approximately 2 or so hours :)
Pick one.

Game Mode: <Standard>

Type of Request: <M4M>

Difficulty: Dreamcast: A Memory of a Reverie [papple's Extra] 5.67*


Additional Info: 4:36* / this diff only if ever accepted.
Game Mode: <Mania>

Type of Request: <M4M>

Difficulty: Advance 2.67*


Additional Info: H4H if youre lazy to mod this.

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Time Check: 12:15AM (UTC+8)

I accepted Aiseca's Mania map and it was a record mod for me, over 89 mods on one difficulty!

See you again next time! (gonna be busy this week)
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Time Check: 7:50AM (UTC+8)

Just woke up and opened up my Modding Queue, bear in mind that I'll be eating, taking a bath and doing other stuff so I might just be afk when you post a mod request. If that happens and I happen to be Online, just PM me in-game to confirm :))

5 min metal low bpm map 5.7*

Well I can m4m but remind me through pm, you can take your time with the mod since it's a marathon xd
Artist - Title : Hatsuki Yura - HAMELN
Length: 03:52

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