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I am yet to find a pre mid morning tea, the tea I am to drink before my mid morning tea (which is usually a citrusy tea) and right after my early morning tea (which is usually chamomile). It needs to be relaxing, but not too similar my early morning tea (matcha tea) or my late night tea. Perhaps something similar to my right before bed tea but it needs to maintain calmness after my early morning tea while still preparing myself for my morning tea which is typically higher in caffeine to start my day. It should have low caffeine or no caffeine as because of my daily tea drinking habits I need to limit the amount of caffeine intake so I don’t have a heart attack and die at age 89.

Thanks for the help, shouldn’t be too difficult.
Have you tried the royal's golden nugget tea?

89 years is a long time.
How about turmeric tea with chili and citrus in it.
I like the taste of it.
here some suggestion:

jasmine tea

gween twea( idk why i have spell it like that everytime i type that tea)

pu erh tea( well if you like the taste of the tree bark this tea is the tea for you)
rice tea

oolong tea( not to be confused by owo tea as it is two completely different tea)


mulberry tea
Im Mer
vanilla. chai.

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