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What merchandising changes would you like to see?

Higher quality T-Shirts
23.41% 210
More "button" options
9.36% 84
Cell-phone cases
11.82% 106
Pippi plushies
17.73% 159
More Catch the Beat Merchandise
3.79% 34
More Taiko Merchandise
7.02% 63
Greater variety in general merchandise design
16.16% 145
10.70% 96
Total votes: 897
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What I would buy immediately if I saw somewhere:
iPhone casings

so yeah voted those 3
Hmm welp how were the shirts shitty? Were the shirts silk screened or direct printed?
Designs were shitty * 10000
I cant see how designs were shitty since it was a very basic product placement with a logo, If anything its a start... But peppy specifically stated that the print quality sucked.

As for an answer to the topic title... I want a pippi dakimakura that I can cuddle at night while thinking of peppy XD at some point when I get up off my ass I'll do an image, purge the print heads, grab the press out the garage, pick up some peach skin poly and make one... Muwahahaha
They are shitty, because, regardless of the quality of the shirts, none of the designs inspired any purchase from me. Though that may just be me (but I don't think so).
i wish to have one :P
I'm clicking the taiko button repeatedly but no taiko merchandise is appearing D:

Papi Bear wrote:

T-shirts :3
what I would like to see is not an t-shirt but an good quality long-sleeved shirt! It is usually a bit cold in Finland, and t-shirts are most of the time not usable without being buried under a jacket D: (tho atm I am dying in heat because lol summertime ;D)
edit: or a hoodie too :)
Oh mY God :)
T-shirts :D
A bag would be nice, How about some nicer quality pippi art though for the merchandise XD
see, now that there is a osu!market, this poll is a lot more interesting
I myself would not buy anything, or if it comes to merchandise then I will rather create it on my own as "fan work".
Believe it or not, some works require just basic printing for being a "merchandise". You can order a tee shirt with your fave print at a printing workshop. You can do so with copy books, pens/pencils, playing card sets, bags, wallets.... whatever needs basic 2D printing.
Recently, 3D printing is starting going to the masses. Therefore, if you have a 3D model of that girl that appears sometimes when you play osu!, you would be able to definitely print it on a 3D printer, or for some experts - make an action figurine or a doll. There can be 3D printing workshops too.
there's is nothing listed that I'd really like to buy. the problem is I don't really like the pink osu! aesthetic or think it'd really suit anywhere in my house. maybe if it had a blacker version.

the only thing I'd thing's I might be interested in are a good mug for coffee, maybe a poster, or some stickers to put on my computer. I'd might buy a figurine, except I don't feel like Pippi is a relevant mascot for what osu! is about TBH. I feel like someone like this would be more fitting.
need more of these to sell in australia ;w;

I am taco
I voted for phone cases, but what I would like to really see is iPod 5th gen cases. I would buy that for sure.

Sorry if someone already said this.
iPad cases if ever and more bags and stuff
Wanna trade a DiGiCo hoodie for an osu! Hoodie? I got like 30 of em sitting in my garage
I think that dakimakura could be a good merchandise :3
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