Low Diff Assistance Team Modding/GD Queue (std, taiko, catch)

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Serizawa Haruki
Hi uwu

We mod low difficulties (Easy, Normal and Hard or their equivalent diffs in the other game modes) and also make GDs occasionally

  1. - ascended - (std)
  2. -[Shady]- (std/catch)
  3. ArmandoKasya (std)
  4. BaAR_Vendel (std)
  5. Cami (std)
  6. Eeveelution (std/taiko)
  7. FuJu (std)
  8. kudosu (std)
  9. mindmaster107 (std)
  10. OneShotFox (std/catch)
  11. Project Railgun (std)
  12. realy0_ (std/taiko)
  13. Seolv (std)
  14. Serizawa Haruki (std)
  15. Stixy (std)
  16. TmacBoris (std)
  17. Wanpachi (std)
  18. William K (std)
  19. Xahlt (std)
If you are interested in joining, PM me (especially if you can mod taiko or mania)

Mod requests:
  1. Post mapsets that include at least one low diff
  2. All mods are NM unless you want to give something in return, in that case say that you want to do M4M and the person who modded your map might link their map for you to mod
  3. You will either get a mod only on the low diffs or on the entire spread
  4. If you're just looking for a quick feedback on your low diffs, please specify it, so that if someone wants to help you they can just PM you if preferred
  5. Please reply to the mods, otherwise it's a waste of time
GD requests:
  1. Only request Easy, Normal and Hard GDs or their equivalent diffs in the other game modes
  2. You can specify which mapper you want a GD from, but if you don't mind who maps it, you can also just request it generally and see if someone is interested
  3. Your mapset should ideally go for ranked
  4. If someone wants to map a GD for you, they will send you a PM
  5. Please be patient while waiting for a GD
Cartoon- "Whatever I Do (feat. Kostja)"

nm for ENH
easy, normal
And it's wip so i just need quick opinion mostly on rhythms choices
Hey o7

Song: Laur - Absolute Domination
Maps Needing Check: BASIC, NOVICE, maybe ADVANCED
3 low difs NM please
Konoe Kanata
NM please!
purely ENH set! thanks in advance
I'd like to request any low sr diff guest on any of these 3, whichever you want:
Please pick one, you can do as many <4* guests as you want but preferably on the same map so that I can rank it faster.
I think you'd probably like the KOTOKO one more, but it's up to you. Please let me know if you accept. I desperately need some diffs to rank my maps and I don't have enough time to make them all due to my job - I've done like 7 or 8 diffs last week on my other maps haha.
So ive never been good at low difficulties with faster BPM, would be amazing if you gave any feedback!

R3 Music Box - Nameless Story
Diffs: Normal + Chronicle
NM req for [Manquito's Normal] and [Hard] Diff.

thanks you very much <3
Hi, a NM would be great

thank u
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