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okay, so this is a small request. i think after you died you should be able to hit tab and reveal your scoreboard. disabling and enabling your gui after death works too. why do i want this feature personally? i play with gui and scoreboard disabled. sometimes i just want to know how many combos i've got but if i die i will never find out unless i rewatch the full replay to that point. also this could be helpfull for people who want to brag. like idk they got 1k combo on yomi yori and then died with disabled leaderboard so in order to show other people what they achieved they will have to watch the whole replay and screen it before they die. if you could just hit tab and get the scoreboard after dying you could just make a screen quickly and be done with it
Good idea :p
i too would find a scoreboard after death handy: it would help me adjust beatmap-specific offset after just playing the beginning of a song.
Yea I think it is useful too
Why multiplayer allows you to continue playing when you failed and at the end of the song you can see your scoreboard ?

I think in solo player this can also be implemented such as failing will allow you to continue playing until the end of the song and allow you to press ESC to leave and see your scoreboard after failure, or even change the current fail screen with a scoreboard writing "failed" in the performance box just like when you FC you will see a "Perfect" inside the box
Maybe make it toggleable in the options menu (so it can either replicate multi fails or regular fails)? Some people might prefer the standard fail thing.
I definetely stand behind this idea.
yes, I also play with the gui disabled, wait for the developers to see it!
worst fl player
I would find it pointless due to the fact its not accomplishing the objective which is simply to survive, if you fail, you retry, simple as that. Be grateful the website shows failed scores at least.
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SxGon wrote:

I would find it pointless due to the fact its not accomplishing the objective which is simply to survive, if you fail, you retry, simple as that.
not every idea has to be related to the games main objective. skining, clans, chat servers, statistics - there's lots of aspects to the game that can be improved for a better experience. even if it's something small like knowing how far you got in a map ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

the questions we should ask here are:
a.) does this feature have a purpose?
yes, you can see how far you progressed in that map and on the leaderboard even after death. personally i would use this just as information for myself. why not. when we pass a map we get all kinds of information like how many 50's and 100's we get, what unstable rate, etc. this doesn't make our play better. we usually don't even show this to others. yet it is a feature that people probably wouldn't want to miss out on in osu! but as others said you could also use this information to readjust your beatmap-specific offset idk.
b.) does this have downsides?
by now no one has come up with any but feel free to if you know some
c.) implementation
i don't know much about this part but i don't think it would be hard to implement.
yes its good idea
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