M4M/NM Road To BN Queue ft. -jordan-

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DeviousPanda and -Jordan-'s joint Modding queues so we get more mods done between the both of us in preparation for us applying for BN :3c

Current Status: Check my last post

if you have already posted a map and we didn't mod it, don't repost the map


M4M is priority: the M4M maps will guarantee one of us to mod (most likely the mapset host of the M4M) Just post which map out of the list below that you want to M4M with and specifically ask for who you want to M4M with, we will confirm in game or some other method if we accept

ALWAYS LET US MOD A M4M BEFORE YOU MOD OURS, so then you know we have accepted

M4M Maps Here

Rigel Theatre - Lurie

SAMString - Sakura's Fall


lapix - BRAND NEW DAY feat. Numb'n'dub (Tsubusare BOZZ Remix)



NM aren't a priority but if we accept the map, you will either have a mod from both of us or only one of us

Post your Mapset link, Drain time and difficulty spread alongside your post

If we don't respond to your NM req with a mod, assume we have declined it

*just a heads up that mapsets that have a top diff of <4.00* have a lower chance for me specifically as I mainly focus on insane and extra diffs
hiya, nm please

Cerulean Veyron
nm 2:34min nhix

ty, and gl both of you on joining bng ;)

NM although I can M4M either of you, especially the rigel theatre song cuz its nut
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Rin Sa wrote:

NM pls~

Thank you!
ok ive modded the set, Jordan might look at it too so good luck with pushing it forward
NM request on any diff please
Drain Time: 4:39
Diff Spread: Insane and Extra

Ztumpie 1:28 short map, with 4 diff from 2.01 to 5.48 stars
M4M and I want to take the Sakura's Fall or POP/STARS for modding
Kaneki Zet
Hey Drain time:1:35 stars: 1.86-4.85 (5 diffs)

or Drain time: 7:38 5.48*

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ok the queue is closed for now while we work through all of these, should be open again soon :3c

so far i've modded most of them (this may be different for Jordan).

As for the M4M, Sakura's fall is probably the best one you could do now if you don't want to mod lurie

I'll post here again once all current requests have been looked at to reopen the queue

Rin Sa wrote:

NM pls~

Thank you!
gave a quick mod, will work down the list later

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Im opening the queue for M4M's with myself only on either of my two maps listed above
Hello, NM plz.
Drain Time: 2:29
Diff Spread: Easy and Normal

UPD: my bad, didn't see this

DeviousPanda wrote:

ok the queue is closed for now while we work through all of these, should be open again soon :3c
Hello !

M4M request
Drain time: 5:02
Difficulty spread: A Colorful Path Of Inspiration
Map that I would like to mod back: (Rigel Theatre - Lurie)

I would prefer if you modded first

Thanks for considering~ !
Hello !
NM Request
Drain time 1:14
Difficulty spread is from normal to insane, total of 5 difficulties finished currently working on a hard.

I would be glad if you could mod any of them <3 Thanks you !
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can you read my last post before posting, this is M4M only for a while, i'll mod anything as long as its M4M for now
Yo, up for m4m. I can mod Lurie.
4:22 drain time, only one diff at 4.41*

Let me know who should mod first in pm, if you accept.
hey m4m pls
i'll mod lurie

ty :s
directly request me in your post if you would like a m4m from me
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