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Should it be added? (you can only vote once and not consider chaning it, be sure to think about it "CAREFULLY")

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Total votes: 2
Polling ended 2019-01-01 14:28:17
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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0

View all the downloaded maps and deleted maps that ever happened , and can even be restored back if possible and if its not restorable it will use osu!direct to download it again.

And also to delete ur downloaded or delete history,-_- if ur that type of person who downloads "certain" maps.

And if the beatmap is corrupted osu will try its best to fix it to its original state

Where to access the menu:

Im not sure yet but leave a comment down below on ur ideas, i was thinking maybe the osu!direct panel, but where would it be for people with no osu!supporter?

Potential (why):

For people that has lost their maps or certain mappers and their maps that were working hard on was deleted osu! can restore it and fix its data. its like some sort of cloud data thing. It may not happen to many people that much but losing all your maps and the ones you've been working on is hard and for this feature we can revieve beatmaps from the dead and be able to play the once again.

Thx for listening and tell me what you think in the comments below :D
I don't quite understand this request or how it would be able to be implemented.

If you are supporter, you can view maps by Ranked(Played) and Ranked(Unplayed)
Direct can also filter maps that you already have downloaded, so I don't see any point to that aspect which you seem to be suggesting? Though honestly I'm not exactly sure what the request is still.
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