Australian/New Zealand osu!standard Tournament 6 Summer

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Welcome to the latest installment of the Australian/New Zealand osu!standard Tournament! This is a 1v1 tournament which will take place in the first few months of 2019. The tournament will feature a Swiss group stage into a single elimination bracket.

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Congratulations to Dumii for winning!

Register Here

Registrations closed 30ᵗʰ December


  1. 1st: 4 months of supporter + ANZT6S Badge:
  2. 2nd: 2 months of supporter
  3. 3rd: 1 months of supporter


  1. Sign ups: Dec 09 - Dec 30
  2. Group Stage: Jan 11 - Feb 10 (BO7)
  3. RO16: Feb 15 - Feb 17 (BO9)
  4. Quarter-Final: Feb 22 - Feb 24 (BO9)
  5. Semi-Final: Mar 1 - Mar 3 (BO11)
  6. Grand-Final: Mar 8 - Mar 10 (B13)


General Rules:
  1. This is an osu!standard tourney for Australian/New Zealand players only.
  2. Participants must have an Australian or New Zealand flag on their osu profile.
  3. Matches will be Head to Head with Score V2 as the scoring system.
  4. Any harassment or abuse of a staff member or other players will result in an expulsion from the tournament.
  5. We maintain a blacklist for all ANZT tournaments. You will be put on this list if you:
    1. Fail to show up to two of your matches without a valid excuse and/or without alerting a staff member.
    2. Were blatantly rude to a staff member and/or other players.
    3. Dropped out of a tournament because “you didn’t feel like playing anymore.”
  6. If a problem occurs where rules are not clear, use common sense. Further questions can be directed to admins. Administration has final say regarding these situations.
  7. In order for your registration to count, you must FILL OUT THE FORM, JOIN THE DISCORD, AND CHANGE YOUR NAME TO YOUR OSU USERNAME.
  8. Staff members are not allowed to sign up. The only exceptions are streamers & commentators.
  9. Reschedules must be agreed on by both players and proof must be provided.
  10. All matches will be scheduled for Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Match Rules:
  1. Referees will create the lobby and invite players 10 minutes before the designated match time.
  2. Players have up to ten minutes after their designated start time to move into the lobby. Failure to show will result in a forfeit. If both players are absent, the match will either be rescheduled or end in double forfeit to the discretion of the administration.
  3. If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds of a map, it will be aborted and replayed. Any disconnects afterwards will be a forfeit of that map.
  4. Disconnects may only occur once per match per player. It will count as a forfeit after the first time.
  5. Highest !roll has first warmup, ban and pick.
  6. Each player is allowed one ban.
  7. Each player is allowed one warmup. Warmups must not be longer than 5 minutes, must not be in any ANZT6S mappool and must be submitted.
  8. One player may not pick from the same mod pool twice in a row (HD/HR/DT/FreeMod). This does not apply to NoMod.
  9. In a FreeMod pick, each player must select a mod(s) (HD/HR/HDHR). NoMod is not allowed.
  10. Failed scores will only count if the player revives before the end. If a player fails and their opponent doesn’t, the point goes to the latter. If both players fail, the point goes to the higher failed score.
  11. If the match ends in a tie, players will play the tiebreaker. The tiebreaker will be played under FreeMod conditions, allowing NoMod.

Sign up here if you'd like to help. If you have any enquiries contact one of us hosts.
Hosts: Diony, EmeraldStar82
Head Scheduler: EmeraldStar82
Commentators: abolaspany, awesometa, Monster Bait, Monk Gyatso, Arbusion, HolyJesus, Aus, Takagaki, pewdekz
Streamers: pewdekz, steve_04_, TheOmyNomy
Referees: Illinon, Soulskyeflare, awesometa, ggnakacarlz, phophicles, steve_04_, NutAndGo, silverlightcs, Div, tigereyes144
Mappool Selectors: Delis, Angel Arrow, HypebeastHijabi
Graphics Designer: abolaspany
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Quite Cynical
yo can we delay it by like a week pls.

Still overseas when groups start
Bout to burst on to the tournament scene like "waddup i can't FC 4* maps under pressure"
40 signups atm.
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