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I know lots of people will probably tell me to just get used to the spacebar, but is there a possibility of being able to bind 2 keys to the golden middle key for 5k and 7k? Spacebar just doesn't feel that natural for me when playing games like osu!mania on the PC. I can't be the only player who wants something like this.
For 7k, I can't really help you, as I don't play it, but for 5k, I use my left ring finger on A, left middle on S, left pointer on D, right pointer on L, and right middle on ;. (I'm right handed, you could also invert this so it's to buttons on left and 3 on right) (also I'm not that good on 5k)

Hope it helps

OsuMagic360 signing off.
Years ago, when the keybindings settings for osu!mania were stored in the xk.ini files of the skin folder, you used to be able to bind 2 keys to the middle lanes, but that option was removed when the skinning system for mania changed.
the golden key is a crime
it's better if it's removed
split spacebar? left/right alt?
can't see your logic
use a key remapper
Just rebind the middle Lane somewhere else....
It's not really that difficult.
For7k tho, space as the middle note seems fine. You just have a keyboard from the 2000 to make sure it's durable against note hitting.
wouldn't that be cheating? lol
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