[osu!STD] [10-30k] 24-Hour Showdown #3 [REGS.CLOSED]

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The 24-Hour Showdown is back!!!

Welcome back to the 24-Hour Showdown. The tournament is just like your average tournament, with one little twist… you only have a day to view the pool.

This tournament is for 10k-30k with a 1k rank buffer. Once you signed up, you may NOT pass 9k rank or go under 31k rank.

This tournament will take over 2 days from December 22 to 23, with the playoffs happening on the 23rd. There will be TWO pools, and each pool will be released 24 hours beforehand.
Discord - Spreadsheet - Challonge - Mappool - Stream
Post the following (copy paste this onto your forum post):
Discord Username:
MAKE SURE YOU JOIN THE DISCORD HERE. YOU MUST STAY IN THE DISCORD THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE TOURNAMENT. If you do not join the discord within a week of your forum post, your spot may be released to others.
Make sure to change your discord name in the server to your osu username too!
You will have considered to have been registered for the tournament only once you have posted here and have the Player role in the discord.
2 month supporter for winner
1 month supporter for runner-up
Want to sponsor tournament! Message me on Discord at MikeL#1136. Your support will be eternally appreciated <3
December 22, 2018
14:50 GMT - Brackets Reshuffled
15:00 GMT - Tourney Start / RO64
15:45 GMT - RO32
16:30 GMT - RO16
17:15 GMT - Quarter-Finals
December 23, 2018
15:00 GMT - Semi-Final 1
16:00 GMT - Semi-Final 2
17:00 GMT - 3rd Place Match
18:00 GMT - Grand Finals
Note that the following times are subject to change, as on day 1 matches should begin as soon as the bracket is filled. On the second day, matches are subject to happen as soon as the last one finishes.
This is a single elimination tournament. RO64, RO32, RO16 are all self-reffed and are BO5. All matches onward from Quarterfinals will be reffed. Quarterfinals are BO7, Semifinals/3rd place match BO9, and Grand Finals are BO11.

Warmups are not allowed until the semi-finals. Warm-ups are limited to 3 minutes each. If both players agree to it, warmups do not have to be played.

When self-reffing, create the match post like so: (Player 1) vs. (Player 2). Make sure you save the match link!

Lobby should be set to Scorev2, Head vs Head.

If a player fails at the end, no matter the score, the other player is victorious if they did not fail at the end. If both players are in a failed state at the end, the player with the higher score is victorious.

If a player disconnects within the first 30 seconds in the map, the map may be restarted. This may only happen to a player once in a match.

When both players are ready, both will roll. The one with the higher roll will pick first, while the lower roll bans first. The lower roll bans first, followed by the higher roll banning. Then, the higher roll picks the first map, and players alternate picking maps after that. Each player receives one ban, in which the map cannot be picked for the entire match.

For Freemod, players are allowed to pick one of the following mods : HD, HR, FL, or EZ. A mod MUST be picked for Freemod. For tiebreaker, a mod may be picked, but it can be played nomod.

All matches should begin immediately, or as soon as possible. If your opponent does not show up within 10 minutes post your match link in #match-log with you in the game.

Once a match has ended, post your match link in #match-log and wait for the next bracket to begin.

In the event of a dispute, refs/admins have the final say.
Rank:#28 341
Discord Username:P4ndru (Already joined the server)
Name: fekar
Rank: #19,318
Discord Username: fekar#9180
Takuya Yamanaka
Name:Takuya Yamanaka
Discord Username:Takuya Yamanaka#1099(Already joined the server)
Discord Username:UnnamedBeast#0618
Name: Darkpit18
Rank: #11119
Discord Username: Darkpit18#1337
Name: HDJump
Rank: ##10,239
Discord Username: AppleCandy#3280
Discord Username:wtg1245#5682 (Already joined the server)
Spartan Plume
Name: Spartan Plume
Rank: #13,595
Discord Username: Spartan Plume#5172
Name: Samoyed
Rank: #14,964
Discord Username: Mopsi#2928
Rank:#11781 (updated Nov 24 2018)
Discord Username: Serena#0400 (Have changed nickname in discord server to match osu! username)
Name: Lefafel
Rank (rounded): #18,000
Discord handle: Lefafel#4084
Name: Hlnt
Rank: 19.874
Discord Username: Hint#8195
Name: jaaakb
Rank: 11529
Discord Username: jaaakb#6632
Name: nxaq
Rank: 24.273
Discord Username: nxaq
Name: Frame
Rank: #18,264
Discord Username: Frame#6957
Name: _kyuu
Rank: #12471
Discord Username: _kyuu#1463
spidy boi#8930
Name: Monor
Rank: #10495
Discord Username: Monor#9321
sans undertale
Name: sans undertale
Rank: 18,000
Discord Username: sans#7374
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