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You know how there's scoreboard filters for global, local, national, friend and mod rankings?

Well, it's missing accuracy filtration. If I'm interested in knowing who has achieved the highest accuracy on a specific map AND a specific mod, especially in this part of the timeline where maps become virtually unFCable, I'd only have the option to go through the sometimes too limiting top 50 scores. Is there any way of pulling accuracy values from all ranked scores and then sort them by said value?

This makes more sense if the selected mod is also considered. Here's a scenario to make this more obvious:

I personally achieved 99.52% accuracy on Kloyd's P8107, but had a miss in the middle, putting me at rank #454 of 5633. At this stage, it is impossible for me to tell where my accuracy is compared to the rest of the world, since I don't know if there are any players that have met the same fate as me. Furthermore, there are full combos with less accuracy, and they are of higher score than my own play. They make the score look worse than it is. If I had accuracy filtration, I could easily discern my spot in the ranking for the mod combination I have used (NM in this case).

I can see this working with combo filtration as well. The main problems, however, are that I have no idea of the implementability of this sort of mechanism and also that the filtration becomes rather useless on maps that the vast majority of the community can complete with an SS. Therefore, I am not sure whether it's worth it to implement this system, but I'd love to start a conversation on this idea.

we should tbh
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