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Thinking that set up a queue can encourage me in modding, so I did it.
Now it's running by Byakuya and me.
Be ready that mod(s) would come very slow...

Quick Rules: When the queue is OPEN,
Post your request with the format below
and add a word: Cyclone or Joker into it.
  1. NM/M4M/GD
  2. Artist - Song
  3. Link

Current workload for mapping: 4/16 of drain time minutes.

See "Requests Available" for details.
Post your maps and I'll seek for what to mod.
Yea, not all requests will be accepted.
Will start from the easiest diff and go on a next one if I still have interest.

Just mod one of the maps listed in 'Maps for M4M' after I've modded your map.
Mod before me =NM for me

Post your maps and tell me your preferred diff.
My preferance: Normal for anime oped, Hard for rhythm game music, Easy for 30sec, Extra for Dnb, Insane for mutual
I'll PM to you if acceped.
Notice the drain of your map should not exceed my remaining free time.

I can give you the last hype you need for BN checks.
All you need is your map and confidence.


加入这个Modding Group
...只要你能看懂这段字,想要到处摸图就行 :]

Catch me ingame when I'm not afk.
I can pass most std maps under 5.5* I guess...
I may mod, but only consider the gameplay experience.

I can offer help, but not guarntee 100% accurate if it's a multiBPM song.
You can post maps of all modes to request this.

I can never have too many friends...
Let me know if you've added me as friend together with other kinds of request.

BN Checks
Do the jobs of the BNs to make them got nothing to do xddddd
Generally the same as it was except I cannot nominate a map.
Songs I like (to mod or GD)
  1. A galgame song
  2. DnB, especially Feint's
  3. Chinese songs
  4. GD for meme songs
  5. nao/Chata/Kano/yuikonnu/ayaponzu
  6. Bandori
  7. iMarine Project
  8. Single diff long map
  9. Mods for new mappers with no ranked set

Songs I like but probably won't (or can't) mod:
  1. YUC'e/Diao Ye Zong/Reol
  2. Future Bass songs with slider spam in maps
  3. Maps with a lot of mods already
  4. Songs that are already have many ranked versions
  5. (But apperciate GD requests for above if I'm interested)

Plz don't post:
  1. GD for your first set
  2. Anything when the queue is closed

Maps for M4M:
My mapsets:
Afilia Saga - Koi wo Game ni Shinaide!
Byakuya's mapsets:
?? Rounds have passed...
i've give up counting this
btw post your request in blue would grant a mod from me
people that have opened the box: pappl e 104, Garden
Artist - Song: The Red Army Choir - National Anthen of the USSR
Aquors Song Thingy
My map

I think I am fit your preferred numbers 4 and 6, even though I mapped somewhat seriously and not as meme map, maybe some people can consider this as a meme song I guess?
Artist - Song: steampianist - The Undertakers Daughter instrumental
Artist - Song: Varien - Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
My map
Artist - Song: DECO*27 - Ai Kotoba III
My Map
Avenged Sevenfold - Dangerline

Desired Map:

My Map:

I think i did your map thing right idk
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TheNexus wrote:

Artist - Song: steampianist - The Undertakers Daughter instrumental

A quite long map, but i like it

_lai wrote:

Artist - Song: DECO*27 - Ai Kotoba III
My Map
Both requests with 684916 sound good to me, so I tossed a coin to decide...

Shirogumi wrote:

Artist - Song: Varien - Valkyrie (feat. Laura Brehm)
My map
The lucky one who is the only one picked 684717 in this round

Round 1 Closed
Will add some new rule for the next round.
Sayuri & MY FIRST STORY - Reimei
Yunomi - Yunomic ni Ocha Shite (ft. nicamoq)
pls roast my map as hard as u can if u want

orange applez haha
Tyga - Rack City
Feel free to put a rediculous difficulty name. I'm still new to mapping but I think this is one of my better sets so far. Please go easy on me.
Vale of Pnath - Blacker Than
got hella confused with the fruit thing so: apple bc cutest fruit
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Round 2 CLOSED
All requests with fruit in this round are accepted.
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Round 3 OPEN
IOSYS - Accept Bloody Fate

Some good mapper told me that map is chaotic but is actually good so I'm trying to do something with it. It has some mods already but I'm sure you can still find something.
Thank you!

ULTRA TOWER - Kibou no Uta

Im really trying to get this one ranked but no one mods my map and nobody wants to do a gd so pls mod this if not thats okay but thx anyway
  1. Avenged Sevenfold - Save ME
  3. please mod it, no one wants(

Tinky Winky
CheerS - ClariS

any diff(s) are fine (insane's the newest, so that's probably the easiest to mod, but do whatever you want)

idk po cause that's the same name as the panda lul

new mapper owo

Intro - The xx
new mapper, first map, need hype and stuff!
any diffs are fine, but definitely the lower diffs need looking at.

lala because yellow color
The Living Tombstone - No Mercy

The two diffs are complete, but I plan on making more

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