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I'd like to give my thanks to
EXTOR and EYUP for their contributions and helpful input.

I am done with my second beatmap :P It took around six hours to make.

This song is Shissou, the ending theme to Ouran High School Host Club. This is the song that plays during the very dramatic and memorable final episode. Before dismissing it as another lame anime song, please try it out and see for yourself. This song is very melodic and fun to play; some parts are hard to tell the rhythm at first, but when you pay attention to the vocals, it will become very easy. I added in a picture of all the characters in the background so it wouldn't look boring. I like this beatmap way more than my Every Time We Touch beatmap. :D

Be sure to play the Hard version; it's always the best of the three since I make the hard one first and then downgrade to easy and normal, therefore it is the most complete and will make the most sense >_> (I realized that my notes tend to go around and around in circles, funnily enough. It's a little idiosyncracy of mine.)

This beatmap comes in Easy, Normal, and Hard. I hope this beatmap captures the feeling of "Running five thousand miles," and that you all enjoy this awesome song! :D

Song Download
Hey - nice to see you back with another great map :D The offset is a little strange for this song - somehow, there is an extra quarter beat added in the song somewhere (I think during the quiet period where you have a break), so that one offset for the entire song will not work. I've added a new timing section and corrected the offsets - see if you like them. I haven't had time to check whether the notes are still where they're supposed to be, though. Also I've only done this on Hard, but you can use the same numbers for the timing sections in the other two versions. Use this method to resnap beats:

1. Change first offset in Timing menu
2. Click on Select tool, press Ctrl+A, drag notes in timeline until they snap forward one 1/4 beat.
3. Add new timing section, enter the numbers
4. Use select tool again, scroll to your last bookmark, highlight ALL notes from that point onward by clicking and dragging in timeline
5. Once again, drag notes in timeline until they snap to correct position

This should ensure the notes are all in their correct positions - but play the song through again just to check.

Keep up the good work!

Edit: smart of me to not attach the osu file. Attached.

Download: LAST ALLIANCE - Shissou (Advancechao) [Hard].osu
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Oh, I was wondering what you were talking about when there was no file uploaded xD
And no wonder why it was such a pain to time the song. I have absolutely no idea how offset works so I spent all that time syncing to 1/8 beats T.T

EDIT: Nice fixes, I can really see the difference now. It makes it way easier to have the right offset!

Could I ask how you got 1116? I thought I was close with 1210 but it was pretty off :(
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Thanks for your help, Eyup! I slowed it down to 0.5x for a while and got the correct offset this time around by adjusting by intervals of 10 millisconds. (Go write a guide for other new beatmappers because finding the offset is always confusing at first :D )
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Small bump from the second page. I made some patterns on Easy easier because they were throwing me off when I playtested it. :( Timing should also be better now. :D (Still being ignored T_T) I think it's very close to being perfect, anyone want to try it out?
Great beatmap. I don't see any problems with it now.

I approve.

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Thank you Extor ^_^
I've decided to give credit to helpful people that leave input in the first post.

"I'd like to give my thanks to
EXTOR and EYUP for their contributions and input." So far :D
What can I say... beautiful work again. Keep up the great work!

By the way, I have NO IDEA why Easy is rated at 4-stars. It looks like a 3-star, plays like a 3-star, even smells like a 3-star. But somehow the crappy star system spits out 4 stars. Go figure... I'm going to go give the maker of that star difficulty system a piece of my mind now. :twisted:
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Thanks for ranking it ^_^
Yes, Easy does have a slightly ridiculous rating. :shock: I tried to make the bubbles big, draining low, and slow hits, but yet it still pops out a four star. It'll probably be listed as Normal/Normal/Insane like the other one I did. Probably because the song is a bit on the long side.
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