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For some reason Osu runs on my computer, gets loaded up, then these sequence of events happen:

  1. welcome message runs except without the "welcome to osu" voice
  2. plays the nekodex - circles track
  3. renders the ppy link to osu.ppy.sh, contests and music player
  4. after a while (about 1 minute after the opening), osu runs the "welcome to osu" thing
  5. runs normally on minimized
  6. i open it and it lags very hard it doesn't even move
  7. i exit

Fixes I used but never worked:

  1. compatibility mode (using osu.User.cfg)
  2. repair osu!
  3. reinstalling osu!
  4. updating drivers

Try deleting some of the "shitpost" maps, Typically maps that are memes, impassable, have above 30000 or 15000 objects.

I hope this helps :)
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nothing worked except when one driver gets downgraded osu will run and I dont want that
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