Shady's Modding Queue (NM/M4M/GD) [Closed]

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Std only, hybrids are ok too but I'll probs just mod the std diffs :3c. Just post till I say closed.

If you map anything from Hibike!Euphonium you can ignore literally everything here and just poke me whenever, wherever

Anything from currently airing Anime also has higher priority.

If your map is here Then that probably means I plan to mod it. (Emphasis on plan, doesn't necessarily mean I'll 100% mod it)

- No Tech
- Don't bother requesting anything under a minute
- Don't send maps where you mapped 1 Kiai then just copy and pasted it onto the other 2 Kiais, I see that as extremely low effort mapping and I don't want to look at stuff like that.
- Would prefer Rankable Spreads only (so no Solo Extra sets for a TV Size ect)
- Please double check your hitsounds before sending, pointing out a million missing Hitsounds is really a pain to do.
- Don't really like k-pop unless you consider Dreamcatcher k-pop then that's an exception
- You're allowed to send your GDs on other peoples' sets too, most of the time I'll only look at your diff though if you're not the set owner.
- Doesn't need to be for ranked
- Extra/Insane only, I don't map anything else for GDs
- Experience doesn't matter, as long as I like the song I'll probably do it
Goes without saying M4M has higher priority and I'll be more lenient when picking maps if it's M4M
M4M Maps in order of priority:

No maps ):

I don't care who mods first, just at least do it a week after I mod.

If it's marked as pending and doesn't have a full set in terms of rankability assume it's not for ranked

**Don't mod unless I accept the M4M, otherwise it's basically just a NM for me if I don't like the map**
DTM9 Nowa
Hey NM requ


It'd be beneficial if you were to link the M4M maps to the first post so people know what they'd be getting into
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Oh yeh I knew I was missing something when I was reading it lol ty, wil fix now
NM request
Thnx in advance :)
Mak Kau Hijau
NM request. You can choose any diff you want to mod . Thanks
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Closed for now

Planning on Modding:


I may come round to the others if I end up wanting to do them once I'm done with the ones I mainly want to do, if that's the case I'll let those people know when I do.
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Ok this is actually Open now, gonna get back into doing this regularly hopefully, M4M map is still the same:

Open untill I go off tonight most likely.
Hello, NM request

It's not a meme
Hey Shady!
How are ya?
If you have time u can mod my map ;D

Thanks in advance :)
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That'll do for now, Closed up now
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Open again - No M4M maps right now.
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