[osu!std] Cake Cup 1vs1 #500-2,500 (Registration CLOSED)

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If you wish to be a referee for this tournament, contact me on discord!

  1. Cake Cup is a 1vs1 osu! standard tournament.
  2. The rank range is #500 to #2500.
  3. Instead of Free Mod, this tournament uses Shared Mod. Whoever picks a map from the Shared Mod pool, also decides the mod. This can be Hidden or Hard Rock. HDHR is no longer allowed.
  4. The tournament will be played with scorev2.
  5. A total of 64 players will be allowed to play in this tournament.
  6. This tournament uses a double-elimination system.
  7. There will be no qualifier or group stage. The tournament will start at Ro64.
  8. If more than 64 players sign up, seeding will be done based on rank.
  9. The Grand Final will have no bracket reset.
  10. You are allowed to register if you are outside the rank range. However, if you are not strictly within the rank range by the time the registration ends, your registration will be removed.
  11. After the registration ends, you are allowed to leave the rank range to any extent.
  12. Schedules and Pools will be released every Monday before those matches are intended to be played.
  13. Match schedules will be written in UTC.
  14. Staff members are not allowed play in this tournament, other than streamers and commentators.

  1. Registration: October 9 − 27
  2. Round of 64: November 3 − 4
  3. Round of 32: November 10 − 11
  4. Round of 16: November 17 − 18
  5. Quarter Finals: November 24 − 25
  6. Semi Finals: December 1 − 2
  7. Finals: December 8 − 9
  8. Grand Finals: December 15 − 16

  1. The match lobby will be created by a referee.
  2. Players will have a 10 minute grace period to join the lobby. If a player has not joined the lobby 10 minutes after the scheduled time, the other player will get a default win.
  3. Before every match is played, both players will be allowed to play one warmup. This warmup cannot exceed 4 minutes.
  4. The referee is not allowed to play in the match.
  5. The 'best of' and amount of bans the player gets will be posted on the mappool sheet.
  6. The player who wins the roll will get to decide between FIRST PICK and FIRST BAN or, subsequently, second pick and second ban.
  7. Players have 90 seconds to select a map. If they fail to do so in the allotted time, the map choice will pass to the other player. This affects both picks and bans. The picking and banning order will not change.
  8. Once a map has been picked, players will again have 90 seconds to ready up.
  9. In case of a Shared Mod pick, the player who picked the map from this pool will also get to decide the mod. This can be Hidden or Hard Rock. HDHR is not allowed.
  10. Failed scores do not count. In the case of both players failing, the player with the highest failed score will be deemed the winner.
  11. If both players draw, the map will be replayed.
  12. Tiebreaker will be played under Free Mod conditions. You can pick HD, HR or a combination of the two for that map.
  13. In the case of a disconnection, a replay can be issued. This can happen only once per match by each player. The player who did not disconnect will have their highest score over both plays be counted. (If they got 600k on their first run and 400k on the replayed run, the 600k score will be counted.)

1st place
6 months supporter tag +
Profile Badge

2nd Place
2 months supporter tag

3rd place:
1 month supporter tag

  1. Host: GladiOol
  2. Co-Host: DigitalHypno, Yoeri
  3. Mappoolers: GladiOol, Megatron is bad, Yoeri, Tim scam, Synchrostar
  4. Mappool Testers: n0ah, DigitalHypno
  5. Streamers: Synchrostar, Yoeri
  6. Commentators: GladiOol, n0ah, Synchrostar, Yoeri, woahsia, chezbananas
  7. Referees: GladiOol, Yazzehh, Synchrostar, Yoeri, Megatron is bad, Cristo, Mr HeliX,
    ChriGarr, CaptainSlimey, IceRite, Tilted af, Penoreri-, woahsia, steve_04_
  8. Stats: YokesPai, steve_04_
  9. Graphics and Badge Design: Raniemi
  10. Stream Overlay Design: Damnjelly

Special thanks to this1neguy for helping out with the sheet!
ok this is epic
i love my grandfather gladi
Creampie Cup
YES oh there's a rank range
why upper limit :c
gladi cup
Ok i just need to farm a little bit more!! we got this guys!
Rolada z Miesem
Count me in bru
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