YeLLOW Generation - Tobira no Mukou he (FMA Ending 2)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Friday, 16 November 2007 at 9:24:17 a.m.

Artist: YeLLOW Generation
Title: Tobira no Mukou he
BPM: 96.2
Filesize: 3190kb
Play Time: 02:06
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (4.38 stars, 250 notes)
  2. Normal (4.23 stars, 229 notes)
Download: YeLLOW Generation - Tobira no Mukou he
I tried doing a beatmap "Hitoshirenu-style" - ie. beats in groups of 4 in a constant rhythm (that was a mouthful)

Heaps of stars in here again. Stars are like my trademark =P

The second timing frame is there because of my bad editing skills. It sounds right but somehow it's 1/8 beat too fast, and the BPM seems to have changed.

Update: Added hard difficulty and background. I don't think an easier version is necessary.
I actually like this one. The part in the middle with the beats in the hexagon formation is a bit challenging, but otherwise I can't really complain.

...other than the fact that it's j-pop, but it doesn't bother me with this song.
Great beatmap! I don't see anything bad with this one... You should make another difficulty and this one goes to rankings. =D
Good fun, good fun. Can't really say much besides that I approve.

::Random guy approval GET!::
Pretty high quality as always, Echo! Timing was indeed a bit weird for this song - took me a minute or two to work out what was going on. I've attached the re-timed, re-snapped version of Hard for you - you can add the same timing points to Normal. Resnap at 1/4 beats. Oh yeah - the Hard version seems to be missing the background, too.

One criticism I have is that the Hard mode could do with better timed breaks. I don't count the first one as a "break" - the screen hardly gets time to go dark. So ignoring the first one, 80 seconds elapse before the next break comes, after which there are two more breaks in rapid succession. Doesn't flow so well.

I've got a tip with breaks - if you're doing a long-ish song, straight after you finish doing the timing, take some time to plan out your breaks using bookmarks. Play through the song and choose appropriate places where a break could go, and mark the start and end with bookmarks and also hitcircles (so you can add the break in between them). This way you can visually appreciate where the breaks are going and how long they are relative to the map. After you've locked in break time position, then you can start putting in beats. Here's what I did for my Objection! beatmap - you can see that the breaks are spaced out and not too long/short.

Here's yours for comparison:

I've added this tip to the Guide so that it is not lost forever in the dust and cobwebs of the Ranked Forum, which I'm sure this beatmap is destined to go :mrgreen:

Download: YeLLOW Generation - Tobira no Mukou he (Echo49) [Hard].osu
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Retimed and redid some of parts of hard, the pauses now look like this:
I like it. =D


It'll be the first I play once I get Osu installed!
You win another ranked beatmap.
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