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Hey! Welcome to my Gfx, I don't edit very well , but if you need something, I will be available for a long time, or I hope so!

R u l e s
  1. Don't spam your order
  2. I don't have preferences or anything like that, but I can reject something if I don't like it or if it doesn't inspire me (if you want me to do it yes or yes, you would have to donate me so be a 1$)
  3. PLEASE, I ask that the images be 100% in quality, if you give me something with an awful quality, the most probable thing is that I do not do anything, I do my job well, but I can not do magic either (at least, that you want it in bad quality yes or yes)
  4. Be patient, if you want it instantaneous, simply donate something, even a dollar

For now I do not have many things, since I do not work much with osu, I work more with Deviantart or doing edits of other things, but here I pass some examples ( will be filled while more orders I get to have)

❥Type: Avatar / Collab

❥Number of images (in case of collab): 10
❥Text: Yes / No
❥Image link:
❥Size: (256 x 256 or 128 x 128 )
❥Avatar type: rentangle / round / semi square /etc (later I will make an example better)
❥(In case of text), some type of specific font?: Yes / No

❥Type: Banner / Signature
❥Text: Yes / No (If "yes", what do you want the image to say?)
❥Banner size: Next Userpage / Old userpage
❥Image link:
❥Font specific?: Yes / No
❥Borders: Yes / No

❥Type: Overlay
❥Screen resolution :
❥Game resolution :
❥Cam :
❥Current song :
❥Last follower :
❥Last donation :
❥Overlay background :
(Overlays are payments, $10 to $5 each u.u)
ps:I need your discord when it comes to overlaying, so make sure you pass it.

I would really appreciate it if you did one of these two things after giving your order :D
1-Place the next image both on your userpage and on your signature, so you help me get more people to know me and join me and ask for something!:

Angel -
I need a user page
Hey ^_^

I need an Overlay but not a random weeb stereotype Overlay xD
I drop you an example ^^
Should be like that not 1:1 but something like that with the Colors (Only the right side not the left, so only the Game Overlay)

Resolution is 1920x1080
Chat - No
Webcam - No
Last Follower and stuff like that - No
Random Anime Girl - No
To much shine bright stuff - No

I want to prioritze the Gameplay xD I hope its not to difficult to make, I want that my viewers can enjoy the Design without getting eye cancer.
Dont hesitate to make it to big, as I said I want to prioritze the Gameplay.

Have a nice day <3 ^_^
Type : avatar
Text : Yes ( but you can do both - With and without text ) , font use What you think is best
Size : 128x128 ( 256x256 can be too )
Image link :
Shape : your choice , pick What is best to this image

Thank you so much !! :);)
Type : avatar
Text : Shawntell (any font?)
Size : 128x128
Image :
Shape : Square
and any suitable borders or effects

thanks in Advance!
Hi hi ;v; I could need a new Banner and I'd love to have one made by you!

❥Type: Banner
❥Text: Nawa
❥Banner size: new
❥Image link:
❥Font specific?: No
❥Borders: Yes
❥Extra: I want it kinda like this? I made a bad template xD
and for the background part could you find a nice fitting pattern or smth? Idk if it's too much for you if yes just say so! The Name should come on the background side.
And if it's not too much to ask for could you add a glitter effect like your 4th example?

I really hope my request isn't too much to ask for and if yes feel free to decline it!
Thank you so much if you actually do it~
Yo, I was trying to get a profile pic done and was wondering if you could help

Type: Profile Picture
Text: Morning Star, Doctor Glitch, honestly what ever you think is good doesn't bother me
Shape: Square
any cool effects would be nice

yeet and thanks
Wanna same as your 1st banner example but change to "Kainazy" pls ^^
Hi dude i'd like an overlay :
- Name : Chtioploute
- Theme : Aqua (kono subarashii)
- Screen resolution : 1920x1080
- Game resolution : 1920x1080
- Cam : yes (640x480)
- Current song : no
- Last follower : no
- Last donation : no
- Extra : chatbox
- Overlay background : i'll let you choose :)
- Font :

-Thx my dude
❥Type: Avatar
❥Number of images: 1 (not a collab so n/a)
❥Text: Yes, my username please (Kirika)
❥Image link: (If you don't like this image or can't work well with it that is fine, as long as its Isabelle from animal crossing then that is ok with me)
❥Avatar type: Square please
❥(In case of text), some type of specific font?: Nothing specific, cute always does well though.
❥Extra: Thank you for doing this, it means a lot to me and I hope you don't have too much trouble with it.
❥Type: Avatar
❥Text: Hikari
❥Image link:
❥Avatar type: Normal
❥Extra: Que quede lindo uwu

❥Type: Banner
❥Text: Yes
❥Banner size: Del tamaño para la nueva
❥Image link:
❥Font specific?: No
❥Borders: Interno
❥Extra: Lo mismo de arriba uwu

Gracias :3
Hola guapo, ahora te toca a ti ayudarme con un collab ♥
*Type: Collab
*Text: Bowsette(Inu) - Boosette(Yeury)
*Image link:
*Avatar type: Como crees que se vea mejor :3
*Extra:Muchas gracias de ante mano
Rumi Tsurumi
❥Type: Collab
❥Number of images (in case of collab): 3
❥Text: Yes (La chica rubia que diga Tin, la morocha Rumi y la de pelo azul Snowy
❥Image link:
❥Avatar type: round
❥(In case of text), some type of specific font?: No
❥Extra: Nada, pues muchas gracias por leerme
Overlay ( if you can try owo; )


❥Image link

❥Font specific?
yes ( pokemon red and blue font pls )

yes ( white, thin )

Shiny Sylveon & Espurr ( anywhere in the picture reee )

thanks! have a safe trip down stress! >//w//<

( sorry if that sounds a little bit mean <w<; )
❥Type: Banner
❥Text: Yes / Jik userpage/Welcome to Jik's userpage (I prefer you to pick which one fits better)
❥Banner size: Old userpage (if possible to make the same for the next one it's fine, otherwise old one)
❥Image link:
❥Font specific?: No
❥Borders: Yes (those little dashes)
❥Extra: If possible make it like gif would be cool (never had one like that) but if it's not still ok, I don't really request anything specific because I saw the previews you posted and enjoyed it so basically I feel like w/e edit you do I'll support ^^.

[OSC]Hikari wrote:

❥Type: Avatar
❥Text: Hikari
❥Image link:
❥Avatar type: Normal
❥Extra: Que quede lindo uwu

❥Type: Banner
❥Text: Yes
❥Banner size: Del tamaño para la nueva
❥Image link:
❥Font specific?: No
❥Borders: Interno
❥Extra: Lo mismo de arriba uwu

Gracias :3

Hey, good luck
how I did not hear about this before.. I will make my request soon uwu

- Name : Zenya
- Font : You can pick
- Theme : Unicorn (Azur Lane)
- Screen resolution : 1920x1080
- Osu! or game resolution : 1920x1080
- Cam : yes
- Current song : no
- Last follower : no
- Last donation : no
- Extra : chatbox
- Overlay background :
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