Mini Inducer Mafia - Endgame - Your demise. Cake not include

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It is now Day 1.

Throughout the night there was a lot of noise by everyone. I can confirm something though, someone died.

And that. Was Mashley.

Lilac wrote:

You are Mashley. That's right, you are yourself. The person who has mapped a range of English rock songs including TMBG, OK Go, Artic Monkeys and even made Spinsmith. Why is this you may ask? Well, you're obvious cop of course. I don't see the correlation but if everyone thinks you are cop, you're cop. You are a town aligned cop. Each night, you may scan one person a day to check their alignment. Town will show up as "Town.", the rest will show up as "Not town.". Your role might be changed when you are alive but you will not be told when or what it will be changed to. Be warned.

You are town. You win when scum are all gone.
You have the ability each night to perform a cop check on one person. Your role might change into something different but you won't be notified of any changes.
What he didn't know was that he could have been induced to change his role to a Vigilante. Mashley was Mashley a town aligned Cop / Vigilante.

With that. It is Day 1. Think long and hard about who to lynch. It takes 4 to do so.

Good game, scum. Good game.

So, does anybody have anything interesting to report?
What the hell?

Just how many shooters are there in this game? I was shot last night and was informed.
... you were shot and you are still alive?
Swiftwolf Yellowtail
Rantai: With that statement, it sounds like two shooters, with the possibility of a third (The third being Mashley).

With 8 players, I'm assuming we might have 2 mafia, but with an actual shooter roaming around, that sounds a bit high.
*looks at self*

Yeah I'm alive. There was an attempt to shoot me but the kill didn't get through, I was given a pm telling me that.
Swiftwolf Yellowtail

Nyquill wrote:

... you were shot and you are still alive?
Bulletproof role. Blocks X amount of shots before it goes out. (X is usually 1)
I derped, I haven't been in a chat mafia game with a bulletproof role yet.

So how do we get this ball rolling.
Well with our cop dead we basically are running blind. At this stage I'm already considering a mass claim, but at the risk of the doctor it might not be the best course of action.

Right now though I'd like to know what happened to everyone else, to see what we're dealing with.
Swiftwolf Yellowtail
Few ways we can get this started:

First, Mod: How long does the day last?

..Being serious now:

We could start a RVS and possibly get someone off of that, but many people find this more detrimental than what it's worth.

We could start a RQS, and pretty much get the same results as above


Since we started on night 0 instead of day 1 like we usually do, we could actually use something from night 0... granted, it might not do anything for us, but it's better than starting off with RVS.
Swiftwolf Yellowtail

Rantai wrote:

Right now though I'd like to know what happened to everyone else, to see what we're dealing with.
Not shot, but I did something rather pointless night 0.
I guess we have to wait for everybody to post for a possibility of two cops?

If we do a mass claim can't the docter just lie about his/her role?

Nothing really to report here :/
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Day lasts for however long you want it to last.

Nah. I'd say 48 hours. That would be good
RVS wouldn't be beneficial at this point.

If anything, we can ask people some questions. Honestly, considering the setup, I doubt it's beneficial at all.

I might have logs of the IRC version we played a week or two ago. I can at least see which roles were used and we can go off that.

... as long as it's ok with the mod

Mod: Can I use logs from the previous game to help figure out some possible roles?
Just ask some questions huh.

Sync, Are you scum?

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If it makes you feel better at night, Sync.
Hmm, without adding fluff to anything while contributing I'm just going to say that my role can be motivated upon.

That is all.
The Inducer game we had in IRC had one Positive Inducer, and one Negative Inducer.
Your role switches depending on whether you are positively or negatively induced.

In the IRC game we had, the Negative Inducer was Mafia. Positive Inducer was town.
IDK if that's still the case here.

And yes Sync, do show those logs.
If not then tell the roles in them. I suppose we can get info from there.
So... if the role switches then what would be examples of a role switched because of positive/negative induce?
I suspect it goes along the lines of;

Take Mashley for example - Positive = Cop, Negative = Vig
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