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Current Priority: +0
I recently have been wondering about who are the top Mouse Only players and top Touchscreen players on osu. When I tried to search it up, I was welcomed to an outdated reddit post of a leaderboard similar to what I was thinking. Now, with all hope lost I decided to come here. So... besides the current leaderboards, which show the rankings for country, performance, etc. I think we should have rankings for players with different play styles. When I mean by play styles, I mean Mouse Only, Mouse/KB, etc.
This is almost impossible to do as not all players declare their playstyle. Now there is a mouseplayer leaderboard that I know was made by players as a small side project but it's only for declared mouse players 5K PP+
ppy mentioned that maybe in the future there will be a mod that automatically applies when touchscreen is detected. Then it would be possible to filter by them. I am not sure if such thing will ever be possible with mouse/tablet.
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