Favorite Final Fantasy game that you've played and the worst?

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The best FF games are FF 7 and FF 9. FF 6 was ofcourse also gold <3

FF 8 was the worst for me, only ever finished that game twice.
X, X-2
Crisis Core (You ain't got shit against Zack)
Chrystal Chronicles

Basically everything after X-2
also VIII (because fuck drawing magic)
I don't understand how someone's issue with ff8 could be drawing magic.
I played, VII , VIII . IX , X , X-2 , XII , XIII , XIII-2

XIII-2 sux xD , others have advnt and disadvnt, but i like ff a lot, so i pass all the games xD
Today, 7 years after playing it for the first time I still get effin' scary goosebumps only hearing To Zanarkand or Yuna's Sending.

Worst FFX-2, no words neccessary.

Enjoyed VIII and IX as well, never really got into VII.
I think it's easier if i give each game i've played a score out of 10
FF1 7/10 (dated by todays standards, but i will give it credit for how mindblowing it was at the time)
FF2 7/10 (very under-rated and a good black sheep, sure the leveling-up may take a while to get used to but once you do it's really fun, the villain is also the best in the series in my eyes)
FF3 4/10 (admittedly i've only played the DS remake, but i really wasn't too impressed by it)
FF4 9.5/10 (probably my favourite game in the series, i just love the characters and story plus in introduced the RTB system)
FF5 8/10 (so addicting to play o.e , i love the job system in it)
FF6 9/10 (a very good game with a great plot, characters and villain, what more needs to be said)
FF7 7.5/10 (over-rated or not this is still a brilliant game, the 3D blew my mind at the time and i loved some of the characters, wasn't a big fan of cloud though :? )
FF8 7.5/10 (if 7's graphics blew my mind you can imagine my suprise when i played 8, admittadly i hated this game in the beginning, but after making some progress i really started to enjoy it)
FF9 9/10 (absolutely love this game, loved the art-style, story, music and characters, 4 may be my favourite but this is a close second)
FF10 6.5/10 (not the best but certainly not the worst, i liked the main cast, but the combat wasn't the best IMO)
FF13 5/10 (don't get me wrong i don't think the game is bad, but its just lacking that special spark.... it's a good game, just not a good FF game)
FF IX for sure

going to buy this on PSN later (just realized its on there in PSOne classics zzz)

worst was probably FF Mystic Quest, but it was kinda fun when i was a kid.
FF1 - Worst
FF6 - Probably the best I played

Special Mentions: FF4, FF7, and FF9
Oh snap, you all just reminded me of another game I loved.
FF9- Reason? It has its ups and downs with the characters. They look like kids but there actually adults..(Kinda creepy but eh) I got use to it. I love the story plot, music and fell for Vivi just cause he damn cute. (Shut up D: )
Best: VI, IX, and Tactics
Worst: II, Mystic Quest, and Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Honorable mention goes to XII for having a cool battle system and my favourite character in the entire series (Baltheir).

Rukarioman wrote:

(You ain't got shit against Zack)
I strongly agree with that statement.
Best is 8. Deal with it.
No one here seems to dislike IX. And I don't either. It's my second Final Fantasy I've played, and I got so many good memories of it. It was so amazing story for the 12-year old boy, and almost all characters were likable. Lol, I remember me and my friend saying that Kuja is really good-looking girl in the game and when we found out he was a guy it was so damn confusing and we felt a little uncomfortable inside.(Traps weren't that common thing to see back then) Battle system was also nice, turn-based system I had already been used to when I played VII. Sure I didn't understand all what was going on back then, so i might need to replay it. I'd say it is best Final Fantasy ever, but I haven't played VI yet so I can't. Certainly will play it someday.

Oh, worst. mm... this is hard. There is no utterly bad Final Fantasy game (main series) but I'll say XIII. It's nothing like Final Fantasy should be.

Apart from main series best games would be Tactics A2 and FFCC: Echoes of Time. And worst ehh.. Crystal bearers. I expected a lot of this game, but it is kind of lame.
The only thing that bothers me about IX nowadays is how slow it feels compared to most other rpgs I've played since then. Can't really replay it because of that.
Hm, what do you mean by slowness? How fast you progress in story, level up, battle animations?
Ah, I should have clarified, battle animations and general battle speed.
Mm-h, you are right. Battle animations sure were slow and summons took so much time to cast and IIRC you couldn't skip them even after seeing them once(all of them were really epic, though). But, I still remember Legend of Dragoon being alot slower rpg in regards of battle speed and animations. Sure it had unique battle system though, so it is kind on the same par with IX. But oh god it's so stupid when you cast a normal Ice spell in LoD, the battle animation has to be so over-the-top and lasts almost half a minute and you can't skip. That's one of the games I can't replay at all.
Rofl, yeah, anything outside of normal attacks is tragically slow in Legend of Dragoon. The entire Addition system was awesome though, it would be great to have a sequel to that game on a modern system.
Oh holy fuck. XIII & XIII-2 have got to be the best I've ever played. I mean, X & X-2 are cool too but damn.

Ivalset wrote:

Rofl, yeah, anything outside of normal attacks is tragically slow in Legend of Dragoon. The entire Addition system was awesome though, it would be great to have a sequel to that game on a modern system.
I second that. I remember I only used magic if I really needed to(dragoon attacks w/e, can't remember), and most of all, I avoided using Rose's Astral Drain. Oh my ears when Rose's bad VA shouts it >.> But yeah I'd also really like a sequel, battle system of LoD worked so well apart from long-ass animations. Actually even remake of original would be alright to me but it should have an option to shorten battle animations and maybe dual audio.
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