Leevi "thelewa" Juusela 1995-2018

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I started to play osu in his glory days and I was impressed by his skills and great plays, was a player who inspired me. I'm not believing it to be true. I did not know Leevi personally but I feel like I know him so much, and it really hurts me. My deepest condolences and i wish that family and closest friends find through these messages the support and the consolation needed to move on. Thelewa will always live in our hearts, rest in peace.
Todella surullista..

Vaikka ei oltu enään kovin läheisiä lukioaikoina(vaikkakin tekemisissä koulussa päivittäin) oltiin tosi läheisiä ala-asteen ja ylä-asteen välillä. Monta hullua juttua tuli sen kanssa tehtyä kuten kiivettiin meijerin piippuun koska miksipäs ei.

Leevi oli uskomattoman lahjakas ja älykäs ihminen ja tulee aina olemaan osana mun elämää ja identiteettiä.
Voimia perheelle ja läheisille.
Rest in peace. :(
I loved your sense of humor, I read your ask.fm for hours at a time and remember watching you FCing Airman for the first time. you reached so many people in the community and won't be forgotten.

my condolences to his friends and family and everyone affected. lepää rauhassa Leevi.
Rest In Peace.

You was and stay an important part of our osu community.
varma woitto
Lepää rauhassa legenda
Lepää rauhassa
There was a time I loved you more than life.
You took a piece of me with you.
This world was too cold for your warmth, but I will never forget your smile when you told me you love me.

the time is right to put my arms around you
you're feeling right, you wrap your arms around too
but suddenly, I feel the shining sun
before I knew it, this dream was all gone

Lepää rauhassa Leevi, me nähdään vielä
Rest in peace
Rest in peace
May Thelewa rest in peace. He will be missed for many many many years and hopefully never forgotten in the osu community.
Rest in peace.
Rest in peace Leevi.
Rest In Peace.
Czarny Kot
Rest in peace... he left us too early, big thought to his family and friends... Be strong.
Although I didn't know him personally, thelewa was always one of the players on my admiration list.
He was someone whose replays I saw on so many iconic maps' top 50 and a player with unquestionable skill in every aspect of the game.

Even though he's now gone, I think it's safe to say that he will never be lost from the osu community.

I hope you rest in peace, Leevi, you've more than earned the right to do so
Rest in peace.
rest in peace.
You may no longer exist but you will never be forgotten.
Hope you find peace wherever you are.
Big hugs to eternity
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