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How fast should SV Base be expanded to

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Current Priority: +0
As we all know, SV Base limit is from 0.40 to 3.60 and it can't be changed even in notepad. If you changed SV Base beyond the limit in notepad, When you open editor again, you will find the SV Base is still 3.60

Perhaps somebody will say, There is no need to expand SV Base limit, 3.60 is enough. I will say it only proper for high BPM songs. If the song is electronic song with low BPM and tech-mappable with fast SV, Such as Impluse - Culprate & Au5, whose correct BPM is 85 not 170, It will be likely to be double-BPM mapped in order to get SV which is fast enough. Nowadays, SV is faster and faster in maps of low BPM electronic songs.

Besides, with Timing Songs with #/8-Signatures added as Ranking Criteria, 3/4 refer to 6/8 is not allowed. For example, If you has mapped a 90bpm 6/8 song as 90bpm 3/4 with SV Base over 2.40 before, and you had to change it into 60bpm, it will need SV base more than 3.60 without changing SV multiple. If changing SV multiple, it will be hard to change variable SV multiple.
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