(4k) Dub's M4M/NM Mania Modding Que (Always open)

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Wanna be BN that friendly, accurate, and working without being lazy.

1000 kudosu when [1,000/1,000]
2000 kudosu when [1,437/2,000]

This is 4k que


Read 'Rule' first.

NM / M4M / GD:
Difficulties to mod:
Type of chart (Stream, LN, SV, Jack, Technical, Trill, SV , collaboration, etc.):
Link your map:
(M4M) Map that you modded or will mod:
(Question) Do you have any ranked mania 4k map? : yes/no
(Question) Should I send a PM message to you when my mod is finished ? : yes my lord/no u

  1. If you wanna request GD,I'll GD only that I want to.
  1. If there's NM req and M4M req, I'll start M4M req first.
  1. Any length of songs are free.
  1. I don't want to mode over 7 star maps. Can you even rank that?(If you're skilled, you can try.) please don't
  1. I don't want to mod Graveyard maps.
  1. If you need more NM or M4M to me, write it again.
  1. If you guys map is delayed by rule("DBR"),that means mapper didn't interested their own map.Ex: The mapper didn't responded other moder's suggestions too long or map status is graveyard.

  1. If my opinions were help your map, PLZ gimme kudosu :D
  1. I will ban who simply sends a map to the graveyard or just updating without answering my suggestion. Because it's simply a waste of my time. However, this is not the case if the map is a collabo map.

Fealen = Completed

ChinoAnGel = Completed

-MysticEyes = Completed

diamant66 = Completed

CrayZigg = Completed

riunosk = Completed

Roabs = Compeleted

PinkAss = Compeleted

XGen26 = Compeleted

SUPER_Samurai_ = compeleted

EXNeko = Completed

Severino = Completed

DarckoSeth = Completed

atian540 = Completed

PianoLuigi = Completed

Hilmi Ghazian = Completed

BringoBrango = Completed

Keep sado = Completed

Mykaterasu = Complted

Acelight = Completed

Fahrie6775 = Completed

komeiji shadow = Delayed by rules

-[Hotaru]- = Completed

[ Archvii ] = Completed

Insp1r3 = Completed

FAMoss = Completed

ChinoAnGel = Completed (twice)

ATing = Completed

Murumoo = Completed

Envory (who helped my map with chating) = Completed

Hira = Completed

Nysrogh = Completed

Kyousukee = Completed

Envory = Completed

Tailsdk = Completed

Maneh = Delayed by rules

Nery = Delayed by rules

nightnebu = Delayed by rules

Jian = Completed

___Aya___ = Completed

Noch Einen = Completed

RJR-sama = Delayed by rules

Alternater = Completed

power vw = completed

Ryaldin = Completed

Inazuma = completed

Whats skill = Completed

AHHHHHHHHHHHH = Delayed by rules

RuleBlazing = Completed

Dragolord = completed

DarckoSeth = completed

youwhang = Delayed by rules

Kuo Kyoka = completed!

AlexDunk = Delayed by rules

Ilham =completed!

Umo- Delayed by rules

FadillSan = completed!

ppass1234 = Delayed by rules

Chily- = completed!

Jesuren = Seems good. Pass!

Essix = Completed!

Turrim = Completed!

Eucarius = Delayed by rules

- SUBAK - = Delayed by rules

akuma123 = completed!

PianoLuigi = completed!

RedSky764 = Delayed by rules

youwhang = Delayed by rules

K a b i - = Seems good. So that I can't mod well :'( I'm sry

ByDarking = completed!

Ryaldin = completed!

Rip46 = completed!

Torvoltz69 = Completed!

Jakads = completed!

Shoko84 = Completed!

dismal = Completed!

jason1024 = Delayed by rules

emO_Oticon = Completed!

RiP46 = Completed!

Dudehacker = completed!

timddtddt = completed!

- Savery -= Delayed by rules

Syadow- = Delayed by rules

Curiossity = Completed

Addjin = GD completed

FAMoss = Completed ?

MysticEyes- = Completed

Power vw = GD completed!

Ayachi- = completed

Janko = Completed

Edvo = Delayed by rules

Meep = Delayed by rules

Onii_ue = Completed

_Asha = Completed

Sooph = Completed

Tanzeem = completed

_VianK_ = completed

ColdCR = Delayed by rules

Tofu1222 = Completed

Anonymousiest = completed

Iyouka = DBR

Sandalphon = DBR

-[Ulazis]- = DBR

[ Rurumo ] = DBR

rakh2502 = Completed

RIP46= completed (M4M)

K a b i - = Completed!

-Shima Rin- = Seems fine. Sry X'(

angki = DBR

Ender Lain = DBR

Combistein = DBR

Amiichii = completed!

youwhang =completed!

GTDD = Completed!

_Kobii = Completed

timddtddt = you already requested this map to me lol

Slowless = DBR

Yuvira = Completed

zhu = Completed

pre = DBR

Atsepser = DBR

Ayachi- = I already moded this lol

Sakura Kyoko = DBR

yetii = M4M completed!

Ayachi - = Marked M4M -> DBR

4hri , HekoKun ,MEGAtive , kabi= Confirmed M4M req and I'll mod you guys on saturday

4hri = Completed! (M4M)

HekoKun = Completed! (M4M)

MEGAtive = Completed ! (M4M)

Amiichii = DBR

Scrub1423 = DBR

Kyousuke- = DBR

Kanon = DBR

Matsubara = DBR

Etsu = DBR

[-Chihuahua-] = DBR

[ Lovega ] , [ A v a l o n ] = Ranked before I mod that (Damm it)

Ornamentum = Completed !

eINess = I already mod this

Firby_28 = DBR

mitsuha boii = DBR

seselis1 = Completed!

Muu-chan = M4M Completed!

Alberiansyah = M4M completed!

KeppSado = Completed!

_Stan = Completed!

Chouyaa = Completed!

ATing = Completed !

AYAYAA = Completed !

Curiossity = Completed !

[-Chihuahua-] = Completed !

Daeng Simatta = Completed !

PokeSky = Completed!

mitsuha boii = Completed!

Alleyne-Angel = Completed!

mitsuha boii = Completed

ByDarking = completed

Jakads = completed

Yana Feiya = completed

Gravey- = Completed

NahwaPutri = completed

NovaSagittarii = Completed

Murumoo = Completed

Alexstraszaal = completed

Syadow- = Completed

Dreamwalker = Completed

Wonki = Completed

-[ Peachy ]- = Completed

-Mikan = Completed

EmeraldSights = Completed

Blue_Potion = Completed

abid33 = Completed

Makenzo = Completed

DarckoSeth = Completed

UnluckyCroco = Completed

NivalienFi = Completed

DarckoSeth = Completed (twice)

Virtue- = Completed

Syadow-= Completed

SaltedFISSH = Completed

-[ Peachy ]- = Completed

RiP46 = Completed

Parachor = Completed

- Theya - = Completed

UnluckyCroco = M4M completed

- [Peachy] - = M4M completed

Amiichii = NM completed

DoNotMess = NM completed

AchsanLovers = Completed

Murumoo = Completed

emO_Oticon = M4M Completed

Umo- = NM completed

Voxa = NM completed

Leniane = Completed

AJIekceu = Completed

Shadow- = NM Completed

Faputa = NM Completed

Finesse4k = Completed

SILLYP = M4M completed

Feerum = NM completed

Pin_Point = NM completed

Murumoo = M4M completed

AlexDun = NM completed

AMD = NM finished

Riana = Completed

A R M I N = NM finished

[Aya Maruyama] = NM finished

Rip46 = NM finished

-NoName- = M4M completed (waiting for my one +w+)

PokeSky = NM finished

DATOUJIA = M4M completed (waiting for my one +w+)

Muse Dash = NM Completed

FAMoss = NM finished

YouWhang = NM finished

Shinitagari = NM completed

FEYLOS = NM (something left) completed

Crystalys- = NM Completed

ARZENVALD = NM completed

eon = M4M Completed.

_Viank_ = M4M Completed.

대우주 EXH 모딩 요청합니다.
힛사는 일부러 드럼비트에 가깝게 만든거라 모딩 안 해주셔도 됩니다
노멀모딩 부탁드립니다
히트사운드는 조정중이니 패턴체크 부탁드립니다
감사합니다 :D
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한국어 쓰시는 분들은 한국어로, 영어 쓰시는 분들께는 영어로 말씀드립니다!

I'll use korean lanugage for who speaks korean but also I'll use Eng for who speaks Eng
Hi NM please ^^
Hard has some SV

Hello! I'll do a M4M request :D
If you accept, would you like me to mod your map first or would you prefer me to mod your map first?

Artist - Title: Camellia - Quaoar

Any feedback on Terrestrial (Easy), Cosmic (Normal), or Astral (Hard), would be appreciated since the top two diffs already have quite a few mods already.

Thank you!
Hey there! NM please!

The diff i want modded is [This Can't Be The Credits], though the hitsounds have not been added yet. i'm working on them.

hm no format

nm req

mod my GDs since they haven't received anything for a while

NM req

M2U - The Prince of Darkness

패턴체크가 필요합네다.
M4M request even though I'm kind of bad in mania, but I may be helpful in some ways I guess xD It only has 1 o!m diff which is 1:26, so it shouldn't take you much time :3

Thanks in advance ^^

Also, when am I supposed to do your mod? Before yours or afterwards?
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To CrayZigg and riunosk,Compelete!
Hello there

NM reqs

Thanks in advance ^^
Topic Starter
To Roabs, Compelete !
hi there ! xD

NM request

TeamGrimoire vs. Laur - Grievous Lady
Duration :2:19
Link Beatmap:
Diff I want u to mod: All diff if possible =w=)"

Thanks :D

NM request for

Polyphia - G.O.A.T
Duration: 3:31
You're free to mod any or all diffs if you please

Thanks in advance!
Hii there, NM req

Artist - Title : Presti - Veritas
Link :

Thanks ^^
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For CraZigg, Complete !

For Roabs, compelete!

For SUPER_Samurai_ compelete
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