Diva Days' Taiko Queue [NM/M4M/GD]

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Diva Days

Welcome to my Queue!

(won't back to quit modding anymore.)

My Current State : Just Revived Queue

✪ NM Rules

  1. Drain time should be under 4 mins (if not vocaloid song, should be under 3 mins)
  2. post with Code
  3. no double request (1 per people each Open)
  4. no double request on same song (i'll refuse the later request)
  5. no request over 5* Diffs
  6. no request incompleted mapset
  7. no request with GD only set, at least made your own taiko diff one.
  8. mods are start when queue is closed
  9. check my last post before request!

✪ M4M Rules

  1. pm to me to check m4m
  2. M4M request Songs must be eqaul or less than total drain time of my map.
  3. Other Rules same as NM Rules
  4. M4M Songs
    * Empty Slot
    * Empty Slot
    * Empty Slot
    * Empty Slot

✪ GD Rules

  1. no Drain Time limit
  2. prefer lower difficulty like Futsuu, Muzukashii.
  3. Available Difficulty : Kantan, Futsuu, Muzukashii, Oni (*Oni under 4.2 Stars, depend on map it can be light oni)
[list] [notice][size=150]Request : NM/M4M/GD[/size]
[*]Song Artists - Title
[*]BPM :
[*]Drain Time :
[*]Link :
[*]Diffs : (write 2 specific Difficulties that you want to get mod.)[/list]
Topic Starter
Diva Days
Closed due not working today

NM 0/0
M4M 0/0
GD 0/∞
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