[osu!catch] 7/29/18 Team Grimoire - C18H27NO3 by Milquar

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Should Team Grimoire - C18H27NO3 by Milquar be Loved?

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Team Grimoire - C18H27NO3 by Milquar
Captain's Description (by Ascendance):
One of the osu! community’s favourite songs, C18H27NO3, gets a chance to receive some luvin’ from the osu!catch community now as well. The by-now quit mapper Milquar put together an excellent yet simple-styled version of this song that has seen quite some play from multiplayer lobbies, solo play and even solo challenges in past time. What can only be described as a relentless hyper fiesta, C18H27NO3 is not too accessible of a map for the lower-skilled end of the community, but for those that can properly play it, this ordeal is an absolute banger. The super exciting song combined with this map’s style will definitely leave you wanting to try this out more than once—so check it out!

Please use the space below to discuss why you believe this map should (or should not!) enter the Loved Category.
The poll will run for 7 days. Revoting will be enabled for the sole purpose of changing your answer in the case that the discussion sways your vote otherwise after submission.

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