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Now here's something different, at least for me. A Korean song (though I think most of you would probably never notice if I didn't say anything). Included is the PV for Yogurting.

I really like the beat on this one and I hope you enjoy it too.
I'm thinking of making a map for this song too. Never mind, let's see...

Timing is perfect and beat placement is great and fun to play, especially the hard one. However, on Normal level, the beat pattern from 3:00:41 to 3:06:63 gets too much overused by this late in the song (many people will notice this by the fact that the pattern repeats itself for four times near the end of the song). Try rearrange the beats (not just flip them) or create a new pattern should help. And I suggest you should reduce the tick rate for sliders in the Hard level from 4 to 2 because the tick was too fast and didn't go along well with the song. But this is trivial, though. If your intention is to make sliders harder for the Hard level then I have no problems with that.

Also, the MV got broken on my machine. Maybe .mpg isn't well supported by ffdshow or something? :|
Nothing much to say, except what Kharl has already said =P

The movie is broken at my end too, I can't play it with anything. Can someone confirm if the movie works?
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I made the first few choruses in normal easier, so now it's different at least. Also, lowered the ticks on both.
I changed the video. It should work now, otherwise I don't know what the problem is.
Everything's okay now, and the movie is working too although the quality is not quite good but I guess there's nothing we can do about it.

Hope to see this song get ranked soon. :D
Ready for ranking imo. Waiting for another mod.
Great work! I really enjoyed playing this one :D.
Haha, I liked this song. Of course it's Korean since it's not Japanese or Chinese. xD
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I found a higher quality encode for you all to use with this beatmap. (16.3MB)

If you want to spare your eyes the jarring over-compression of the video included with this beatmap, please download and replace the original file in your "Shin Ji - Always" directory. Enjoy!
I've done some looking around and cannot for the life of me find the lyrics to this song.

I would love nothing more right this moment than to be able to sing along to this song (I love it THAT MUCH) and it bugs me that I can't. Does anyone know of a site that offers the Korean lyrics to this song (and maybe an English translation so I can know what it is the lyrics mean)?
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I'd like to post a reminder here about a useful missing tag: yogurting. This song and music video were created to promote the game called Yogurting.

On another note, someone has posted the lyrics at ... s-84552199.
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