Jesterfest (DAY 1)

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WARNING! This game is highly experimental and really retarded. This game may be really unbalanced and unfair. If 'fun' is a buzzword to you, please do not join. Thank you.

This is a little bit different mafia game than you normally see in here. There are mafias, yeah. There are townies, yeah. So what it makes this game so special? This game has huge bunch of jesters. You may have some good time with these buddies. To make things even worse, every jester has some special powers. Are you ready for the madness?

This game contains:
- 4 Mafias
- 7 Townies
- 2 Other 3rd Party
- 11 Jesters


1. Rantai
2. Lilac
3. Sync
4. Mianki
5. Backfire
6. Mashley
7. Swiftwolf Yellowtail
8. bmin11
9. Ekaru
10. DeathxShinigami
11. Rukarioman
12. Lybydose
13. LadySuburu
14. Dusty
15. Hernan
16. Drakari
17. JInxyjem
18. Quaraezha
19. pieguy1372
20. Wojjan
22. ragelewa
23. Salvage
24. Mukku

People in case if someone rages again ;___;

1. Dafydd
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RULES (Copied from NoHItter's game)

1) Do not quote your role PM or anything the mod gives to you.
2) Do not post screenshots or any sort of factual evidence of private communications, either with the mod or amongst yourselves.
3) Do not edit your posts.
4) Do not talk outside of the thread, unless your role PM allows so.
5) Mod has the final say on any issue. If the mod makes a mistake, feel free to PM him to sort it out.
6) If you need any help, or have questions, or just want to talk in general, feel free to PM the mod.
7) Dead men tell no tales. Dead people may not post in the thread.

1) Game starts at Day.
2) Deadlines will be one week tentatively. Extensions may be placed depending on the activity.
3) You may vote someone by using this format: Vote : Player -- You may also choose to not lynch anyone. Vote: No-Lynch
4) You may also remove your vote by using this format: Unvote : Player
5) When a player receives more than half of the total votes at any point during the day, that player is automatically lynched.
6) Once a player is lynched, there shall be no posting in the thread even before the mod posts the lynch scene. Night will commence shortly.
7) If no one has been lynched, and the deadline has passed, the person with the most votes gets lynched. If there is a tie, the one who reached the tying amount of votes first, is lynched.
8) A player has to remain active, at least one post per 48 hours. If a player has not posted for 48 hours, one may request for them to be prodded.
9) If the player prodded doesn't respond, a he/she will be replaced.
10) If the player gets prodded three times already and still becomes inactive he/she will be automatically replaced.
11) If no replacement can be found. The player will be modkilled instead.

1) Night lasts 24 hours.
2) Any roles or factions with active night abilities may choose to use them by PM-ing the mod (see the Role PM for role-specific instructions).
3) Once the deadline for night has passed, all actions not received will count as a No Action.

1) Town wins when they eliminate all threats to the town.
2) Any other faction wins when they control half the votes during Day unless otherwise specified in the Role PM.
Holy crap.

Yes please.

lol. You won't get the players though.
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I'll try, sir.

I am in
I'll join~
I'll join under the condition that you make me mafia.
In c:
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Keep 'em comin'
in in omg yes
Swiftwolf Yellowtail
Because a certain someone wants me to play more...

Oh God. Hell yes. /in
The fuck bmin?

Okay In.
Sleep Powder
I'm in... are you in? Cuz I'm IN!
This'll be the shortest game ever or the longest depending on paranoia.

Rantai wrote:

This'll be the shortest game ever or the longest depending on paranoia.
My bet's on the longest. If I wind up being townie then I'm definitely going for a "No-Lynch" vote until a few of the jesters get killed by the mafia. It's almost a 50% chance of a lynch victim flipping jester until some of them die. >_>
whyyy talk before the game starts, then everyone is quiet and don't say anything cause everythng has been said already
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