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MP3 links

Will Stetson - Snow Drive
Zeva[FL] - My Shiny Teeth And Me
MjIsMaster - Talking In Your Sleep


Welcome to the 2018 installment of osu!idol!

Come join our discord server to receive announcements and updates, ask questions, and join in the banter with your fellow contestants!

Please follow the thread if you do not use discord to stay up to date on the contest.

Rules and Regulations

  1. 1. You must be part of the osu!community and not too inactive. (ex. Playing, streaming, participating in other osu! events, tournament helpers, etc.). Your account must not be relatively recent either.
  2. 2. Don’t edit, cut, or modify your recordings in any way or add any effects.
    1. If you are recording in an echo environment, please notify a host via forum pm or discord dm.
  3. 3. No excessively obscene lyrics.
  4. 4. We recommend uploading your entries to SoundCloud or clyp.it.
    1. Make sure your voice can be heard clearly.
    2. Do not change your SoundCloud username once your link is submitted, your entry’s link will not work anymore otherwise.
    3. If SoundCloud takes down your upload, please notify a host for resubmission.
    4. If you cannot use these services, make sure your entry is an known audio format when uploading (avoid using WAV).
  5. 5. If you are a duet, you will be counted as one contestant. Please put both usernames on your submissions.


  1. Auditions (Registrations) - contestants who get an average score or higher will proceed to the next stage!
  2. Elimination stages - there will be 3 stages that consist of different genres. Themes will be announced after the previous stage has ended.
  3. Finals - top 3 will sing a song of choice, in which mixing and effects will be allowed. The community will decide on the winner through voting for their favourite!


Where’s my prize?
  1. 1st will receive an osu!idol 2018 Winner profile badge + 6 month supporter tag!
  2. 2nd will be awarded 3 months of supporter!
  3. 3rd will be awarded 2 months of supporter!

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Whats the deadline for auditions?
    A: We'll be gathering entries until August 1st!

    Q: How long should my entry be?
    A: Entries for Auditions should be a minimum of 0:30 up to 1:30 and be acapella only (no instrumentals).For stages normal song length is fine (under 4 mins if possible)

    Q: Can I put an instrumental on my recording?
    A: You can if available. This isn’t allowed for Auditions however as said above.

    Q: Can I transpose the instrumental to fit my voice range better?
    A: You can, if it sounds okay.

    Q: So I can't use effects, what about Noise Reduction/Cancellation?
    A: We can allow that but make sure it does not clip your voice badly.

    Q: Is my song selection only limited to what is on osu!?
    A: Of course not! You can sing anything as long as it fits the stage's requirements.

    Q: Can I submit another entry if I don't like my previous one?
    A: No. Once you think you did your best, then submit.

    Q: I have a friend that can sing but isn't registered on osu!. Can he/she join?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: I am not part of this community, can I register to participate?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: My account / my friend's account is restricted, can I / they join?
    A: No.

    Q: Why must I be active to participate?
    A: To ensure winners aren't people who just come here for the contest and then disappear.

osu!idol Team

Ones that keep everything running smoothly.
  1. Flanster
  2. Kyonko Hizara

They shall evaluate and score your performances.
  1. Kyonko Hizara
  2. Slyleaf
  3. Renril
  4. Thievley
  5. CptHampton
  6. Garven
  7. HeatKai
we startin now boys
I will make sure to take part in it! ^^
Wow, i'll must join this contest XD
Oh my god, too many judges this time!!!
Perfect time to have more opinions that will kick your butt :"D
Yo is rap allowed
Just Send my Audition Audio XD Hope I Can Pass This :3
And When I Access The Main Spreadsheet for entries/judging Google Drive Says Access Denied Please Fix It...
Spreadsheet will be available after the submission deadline i reckon. Just be patient!
(Also don't take that as a fact, i'm only guessing)
Can't wait to hear you guys <3

BioZap43 wrote:

When I Access The Main Spreadsheet for entries/judging Google Drive Says Access Denied Please Fix It...
Yes because its clearly written that its unavailable during submissions/judging...

Nifty wrote:

Yo is rap allowed
Is the contest called osu!MC? Theres your answer.

Will Stetson wrote:

despacito waiting room

mmatt wrote:

Will Stetson wrote:

despacito waiting room
not in the script of this event

Slyleaf wrote:

Can't wait to hear you guys <3
I think I might give it a try owo

Satou Kazuma01 wrote:

wow indeed
Okay i am in, i hope my singing better than my skill c:
can i hear everyone too :)
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