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b00's Storyboarding queue

Status: Closed

Hi I am b00. I enjoy collaborating with the community of osu! to make cool and interesting projects that the rest of you can enjoy! I love mapping and working with osu! beatmaps in general. Something about being able to give back to the community after enjoying this game for so long makes me happy. For information about my GD status or Modding Status visit my Modding Queue!

I have just finished my Computing BTEC at college this year and are soon to go onto studying Computer Science at Lancaster University! <3 Don't expect Insane Storyboards that someone like Tochi or Handsome can make with crazy visual effects and transformations beyond what I even know how to do. Instead I can make cute simple storyboards with effects such as changing backgrounds / Panning over a background, Pulsing images or background effects, visual particle effects, basic sprite manipulation and or Audio Reaction Waves.

Storyboard showcase

Kyoumen no Nami (Full ver)

I currently haven't had much time to make many storyboards but this is what I have made so far, now that its summer break I will have more time.

Keep in mind that it may take a while to make your storyboard and therefore you should tell me as early as possible if you want a storyboard. Also i'm currently taking GD's so message me on Discord or Forum PM if you would also like a diff made. Furthermore, this queue will mostly likely be closed a lot of the time due to the amount of time it takes to make a storyboard :c


  1. Mutuals of mine will always be able to ask me for a storyboard Even if the queue is closed. I will likely say yes if I like the song and I know you can map decently.
  2. Standard Only
  3. Has to be going for ranked. I won't waste my time on a map that you plan to throw away.
  4. Have to have at least 1 ranked map
  5. Full Size Preferably or I really like the song :c (Unless your Mutualed)
  6. Give a brief description of something that you would like done for the sb. Simple sprite manipulation with x, lyrics, lights flashing etc

Music tastes / Preferred Genres

  1. Anime / Anime DnB Remixy stuff No higher than 200 BPM generally because at that point the song gets too fast to be able to efficiently make an interesting storyboard. Exceptions to this can be made if I really like the song.
  2. Camellia/Akira Complex/Au5 type Wubby Songs Again not a huge fan of his higher bpm songs 200+

I have an extremely wide music taste, so the matter of me accepting your request if more down to how much potential the song has for a storyboard. If you feel your song has a lot of potential throw it here because I don't bite. Just don't spam this queue
beiv ?

Thanks in advance
oooooh a storyboarding queue
good luck :)
Hi~ storyboard request please~

Thanks in advance~ ^w^)/
Hello, SB request.

I hope you accept this even though it's a Camellia song and a CTB map.
I just want flashing lights or other very simple storyboard.
Thanks in advance.

For approval.
Hello, wanna sb request

Roselia - Kiseki (5:05 -> Marathon)

You might wanna ask, "why you put mania mapset here? this is storyboard queue for std only!"
Well, actually this is a hybrid mapset which there's gonna be another mode here. But the other difficulty (its std, dont worry) isnt finished yet, since the gder is quite busy with IRL stuff.
So, I want a simple SB for this mapset. Lyrics, Some flashes(?), spectrum, and a bit sprites (sparkles, flowers, or anything that might suit this song).

Thank you very much, I hope you accept this. xD
this mapset is for ranked owo

if you dont believe me, i can send you a pic that the gder is agree to gd on this mapset
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