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[Archived] Getting some dropped frames, normal?

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So I have come to understand that the squares on the left side of the latency counter show up when you get some dropped frames. I seem to get at most a couple of squares during gameplay that pop up randomly and disappear after a couple of seconds. Is this something to care about at all? Or is getting a couple of dropped frames here and there normal?
FPS is never silky smooth, and the more FPS you're pumping out, the more variance you can get. A few small boxes is no issue, and are most likely caused by simple Windows processes doing something, or just general inconsistency.

Limiting FPS in theory should eliminate or reduce the instability. But if it's not an issue or obviously affects gameplay, not really an issue.
well, I started having fps drops about every 1 or 2 minutes, frametimes are stable until this happens, they started after updating to Windows 10 latest update: 1803
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