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Greetings everyone!

As mentioned in April's QAT Gazette. I would like to bring up a previously discussed topic: QAT interviews. Ever wanted to hear how the player behind the QAT got to osu!, why they joined the QAT, or what a typical day's work in osu! entails? Whether this sounds like something you'd be interested in or not, feel free to vote now in this poll!
You can also drop us here some ideas for questions for the interviews.

Let me know what you think and I will keep you guys up-to-date with the interviews, who will be putting themselves forward, and when exactly they will be available!
This is so interesting to me! Despite being interested in the QAT for at least a year, the first time I really heard about it was after I met Bakari and he told me about his experiences personally, so it would be really cool to see this! I have tons of questions for QATs, but for now I'll just ask a few.

What is the first map that comes to mind when you think "favorite map you've ever seen", and what is your favorite map you've made yourself?
What is the most insightful mod you've ever been given, and who was it from?
If you could tell something to every new mapper in osu, what would it be? What about more experienced mappers pursuing their first ranked map? What about mappers with many ranked maps pursuing BN?
If you could add one new mechanic to osu, like hold notes for example, what would it be?
Tell me about a few pivotal points in your mapping- what caused them, and how did your mapping change?
Lastly, because I must ask because I hope to one day be invited to the QAT: what do you most look for when thinking about nominating a new QAT member?

I have dozens more, but I hope to direct them more closely at specific members so I'm excited to see who's being interviewed when!! I'm really excited about this, thank you to feerum for starting this again as it seems super interesting. It's not every day you get insight from QAT members.
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Tbh I like any kind of interviews that are around osu. Their always interesting and I rlly like them.
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