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Derekface! I was requested to mod this first, don't you dare steal this opportunity.
It seems I had a lot to say here, but most of it is just general advice and no need to stress.

- [San's Insane] is by Absolute94? Why San? (Maybe add San to tags as well.) His difficulty seemed alright, though.
- For [San's Insane] and [Hard], make sure things make rhythmical sense when you do streams with kicksliders. For example, here the player has to hold a note for one beat, then start streaming on a blue tick, which is a bit awkward to play as there's no particular emphasis on the blue tick at this point on the song. This might just be an opinion thing, though, so don't worry too much. Just as a note for the future.

01:21:369 (1) - Note here needs a new combo.
03:22:784 - The heart you have here could be improved, so I made this to possibly replace it. Note that you'll have to move some notes around it to fix spacing and prettiness. The code is here:
So if you want to add it but don't know how just let me know.

- The slow slider velocity compared with the relatively high spacing here felt a bit odd to play, but it's okay for now. Just something to keep in mind, generally around 0.8x ~ 1.2x spacing is as far as you should go from 1.0x (not counting jumps), with slider velocity deciding the pace.

- Same thing about Slider Velocity here as I wrote on [Normal], it's even stranger at 2.0x.
01:01:841 (1) - Note here needs a new combo.
02:17:124 (1) - Note here needs a new combo too!

Overall, a good first map! Not perfect, of course. You've got lots of good ideas, though, so I look forward to seeing more maps from you in the future. Just contact me after fixes and we'll get this one ranked.
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Fixed all <3
buhhhhh SapphireGhost

I'm in the middle of modding and I have a couple things to mention that you didn't point out. :/
We're waiting for you, Derek.
Go go go.
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^^ yeah
Here we go~

*The new comboing is a bit inconsistent, but it's not too bad and it'd be a waste of time on everyone's part to nazi it even more.
*The kiai is technically "fine" right now, but I have some suggestions to improve it:
  1. 01:57:878 - End the kiai 1/4 before this and add a new section here (so that the whole chorus has two fountains since it's twice as long as the first).
  2. 03:10:331 - Same as the above.

01:01:841 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SG got it
01:21:652 (2) - It's a new phrase in the song, so I'd new combo this.
02:17:124 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SG strikes again
EDIT: 02:18:822 (1) - remove new combo and make 02:19:954 (2) NC instead (it looks weird that 02:17:124 (1) is a new combo by itself)
03:10:331 (3) - Expected this to be new combo'd like 01:57:878 (1) for the second half of the chorus.

*Easy has AR 2 and Hard has AR 7, so I'd suggest upping the AR from 4 to 5 here.
01:02:973 (5) - It always irks me when a new combo doesn't accompany kiai. Perhaps new combo this and remove the new combo on 01:04:105 (1)? I think that'd look a little bit better...
01:35:520 (1) - You could actually start this 1/4 earlier (and extend by 1/4) since the spinner should've been started on the white tick and it almost seems delayed after the previous note due to it.
03:26:180 (1) - I'd make this consistent with the other diffs and map this with notes/sliders, and THEN put a spinner where the subsequent break is.
03:37:218 (4,1) - Remove the break between these notes; it's unnecessary and looks weird.

00:44:010 (4,5,6) - This pattern is a bit too ambiguous... The first repeating slider only has one repeat, while the second has multiple; not to mention the hitburst from (5) covers the repeats on (6) making it a bit unrankable. I suggest changing the pattern to something like this instead: (obviously with closer spacing to fit the rest of the diff; thus the screenshot is just an example)
00:59:293 (1) - Start 1/4 earlier and extend 1/4 (same reasoning as in Normal)
01:19:671 (1) - ^
01:21:369 (1) - Isn't correctly new combo'd after the previous spinner SapphireGhoooooost
01:33:822 (3) - Interesting shape, but it bugs me that it's not symmetrical. Here's one I made if you want to replace it in the .osu: 348,192,93822,2,0,B|368:144|300:96|300:96|256:152|256:152|212:96|212:96|144:144|164:192,1,374.999988824129,0|4 Just open the .osu, search for the time "93822" without quotes, and replace the old slider with this. Then, inside the Editor, you can rotate it (hotkey ctrl+shift+r) -30 or -45 degrees and place it where the old one was!
01:35:520 (1) - Start 1/4 earlier and extend 1/4
01:38:633 (5) - I'd avoid multiple-repeating sliders where the second (and subsequent) repeat arrows are hidden in difficulties that aren't Insane, but I guess this one isn't as bad as the one I pointed out earlier. Perhaps replace this with someone else (and have whatever ends on the new measure be new combo'd).
01:56:180 (1,2) - Same as the above, but even more confusing since these have different numbers of repeats.
02:14:293 (4) - A kickslider inside of a stream is a bit too difficult for a Hard...
02:22:501 (8,9) - Varied repeats again; try replacing with someone less confusing!
02:56:463 (5) - new combo at the start of the kiai (same reasoning as one of the last diffs)
03:08:916 (2,3) - same as 2:22
*Overall, some parts of this diff felt more like an Insane (like SG pointed out), but I guess it's fine for now. Just try to avoid so many streams and kick sliders in Hard difficulties in the future!

[San's Insane]
00:40:897 (1) - The slidertick on this is partially hidden by the hitburst from 00:39:765 (4); therefore I thought this slider was 1.0x instead of 0.5x; please move one of them so that the slidertick is visible!
01:03:539 (8) - kiai starts here, so please new combo this (and remove NC from the next slider)!
01:57:312 (6) - NC and remove the next new combo
02:01:275 (1,2,3,4,5) - This would make more sense if (1) and (5) had the same number of repeats; how about removing 2 repeats from (1) and adding two notes to the stream?
02:14:718 (5,6) - Fine for an Insane, but I'd prefer if they had the same number of repeats (or maybe make them [part of?] a single-note stream)
02:34:105 (10) - Would look nicer if it ended in the center, especially because...
02:34:388 (1) - this should be moved back 1/4 and extended since it would've started on the white tick if it weren't for (10)
03:27:029 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - muuuuuch better (:
03:28:727 (1) - move back 1/4 and extend please
03:44:576 (1) - ^

Aaaaand that's it. Overall this mapset is pretty solid, so you should be good for ranking from me and SG after this~
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ok fixed)
Re-fixed some spinners (in Normal/Hard/Insane) and a hidden slider (in Insane) on IRC. Rebubbled!
Derek and I consider this to be acceptable now. Done in less than a lifetime (barely).
Now we can all get some sleep. Goodnight!
gratz~! :3
Поздравляю. Ты долго к этому шла :3

Well you're a fast one, congrats on the rank ~
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thx ^^
Ух ты, поздравляю с ранком :)
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Пасиб Диль :3
Грац C:
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Thx lalalik :3
Wow, that was hard at the end. xD
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