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So this is my new beatmap. It is the song "Universal Dance" by Laugh and Beats which was created for the obscure Playstation game, Vib-Ribbon. I think I might have the timing and beat placements right this time but that is for the mods to judge.

EDIT: Whoops! The actual name of the band is Laugh and Peace! I tried changing the filenames but the program glitched on me for some reason. I suppose I'll just leave it as is.
Yup, you got beat spacing and timing perfect this time. But there seems to be a bit too much Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V action happening xD You should try vary the patterns to keep the players interested.
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Easy and Hard difficulties are completed. Also re-arranged some of the arrangements in Normal mode. Either download the osu files below or download the updated osz file in my first post to view them.

Download: Laugh and Beats - Universal Dance (K-S-O) [Easy].osu

Download: Laugh and Beats - Universal Dance (K-S-O) [Hard].osu

Download: Laugh and Beats - Universal Dance (K-S-O) [Normal].osu
Great! No complaints. I'm going to take eyup's post as a positive and say this is RANKED!
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Awesome! I'm very thankful for ranking this!

By the way, what's with the third difficulty being listed as insane? I thought I put it on hard.
The images on the listing page? These are based off stars, not the difficulty name you assign to it. They are also not yet using eyupstars, but that will come in time.
This is my favorite beatmap on osu!.

Thank you for making this. You are my hero.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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