(Std PERMAOPEN) -Hyde's modding&guest diff queue ~

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NM Rules

  1. Read my last post. I usually mention the type of waiting queue that is available.
  2. You can't publish your beatmap again if I already made a mod of that.
  3. It doesn't matter the duration of the map or the musical genre.
  4. Making mods is an extra job. Be grateful and respectful.
  5. I can take from 1 day to 1 week to do the mod. It depends on the time I have and if your map is difficult to modding.
  6. If there are many difficulties write to which you want to give them priority.
  7. If I don't make your mod in the set time you can see the last post I did after you asked for your mod. There should be clarify why I didn't do the mod.
Use this format for link: [url=Put link] Artist - Song name [/url]
U - Little My Star

M4M Rules

  1. Read my last post.
  2. Request M4M → I make the mod for your map → You make the mod for my map.
  3. If you really want me to make a mod on your map, you can first make a mod to any of my maps and send me your mod for PM.
  4. Always open the queue of M4M.
  5. You can do M4M of the maps in which I have GD.
  6. I would appreciate very much if you request an M4M.
  7. If I'm doing a mod and I receive an M4M I will first fulfill the M4M request.
  8. If you don't mod my map after I have done the mod to your map you will fall on the blacklist and you will never be able to request to mod in the future.
Louis Cyphre
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Rein0527 I don't like your song, sorry ~

3 more ~

Edit:oh there're 4 diffs in my myset,can you choose 3 from them to mod? Ignore it if it breaks the rule,sorry :(
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Complete ~

3 More ~
skip a diff

Mod his beatmap. (Just posting someone's beatmap to support others.) But you can ignore it if you want.

Good luck.

BTW, you should do a M4M queue. That would be fun.:-D
Thanks in advance
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BeatofIke No instrumental music ~ @w@ Sorry :c

3 More ~

Thanks! Ignore the taiko diff please
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Complete ~

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