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I decided to upload most of my finished maps from 2010-2012. All of them are done and feature 1 typical Nharox difficulty (Hard/Insane, depending on the song). The maps are 99,99% symmetric. :P The main reason of this thread is to share my maps with the community because I kept showing them to some of my friends only.

You can download the complete package with all 15 maps here.


Anamanaguchi - Airbrushed | Download
Length: 03:31 | BPM: 188 | Objects: 622
Notes: Custom hitsound

Dir en Grey - Glass Skin | Download
Length: 02:28 | BPM: 108 | Objects: 392
Notes: Custom hitsound

Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Chase the Light! | Download
Length: 03:30 | BPM: 186 | Objects: 660
Notes: Custom hitsounds, storyboard

girugamesh - Break Down | Download
Length: 03:06 | BPM: 205 | Objects: 555
Notes: Custom hitsound, remap

Jennifer Rostock - Der Kapitaen | Download
Length: 02:30 | BPM: 185 | Objects: 443
Notes: Custom hitsound

Jennifer Rostock - Hier Werd Ich Nicht Alt | Download
Length: 03:28 | BPM: 228 | Objects: 654
Notes: No hitsounds, hardest map so far, little timing issue in the middle

Jennifer Rostock - Mein Mikrofon | Download
Length: 03:01 | BPM: 180 | Objects: 592
Notes: Many jumps

Jennifer Rostock - Meine Bessere Haelfte | Download
Length: 02:08 | BPM: 200 | Objects: 450
Notes: -/-

Jennifer Rostock - Wieder geht's von vorne los | Download
Length: 02:36 | BPM: 196 | Objects: 585
Notes: Remap

Killerpilze - Komm Komm.Com | Download
Length: 02:53 | BPM: 163 | Objects: 505
Notes: Custom hitsound

LoveHateHero - Echoes | Download
Length: 02:40 | BPM: 175 | Objects: 480
Notes: Custom hitsound

Relient K - You're the Inspiration | Download
Length: 03:14 | BPM: 164 | Objects 417
Notes: Collab with Larto <3

Silverstein - Forget Your Heart | Download
Length: 03:40 | BPM: 176 | Objects: 631
Notes: Custom hitsound, tried different slider shapes

Tokyo Incidents - Electro-communication | Download
Length: 03:03 | BPM: 145 | Objects: 359
Notes: -/-

Tsukasa - The Clear Blue Sky | Download
Length: 02:11 | BPM: 178 | Objects: 406
Notes: Custom hitsound, japanese version

Feel free to leave feedback, I hope the maps are enjoyable. :)
Should be in Beatmap Projects I think? ^^
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Luna wrote:

Should be in Beatmap Projects I think? ^^
Well, it's not really a project but I wouldn't mind when someone will move it there.

Remember to bug me to make Easies for these or something.
Best maps of osu! right there.

I also wouldn't mind doing easies for you to get some of these ranked :>
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Added Tokyo Incidents - Electro-communication, I totally forgot that map. I'm somewhat back in my mapping mood so I'll try to finish some of my started WIPs. :)
If you need taikos, I love you, so you should love me too.
Nharox Symetric <3
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Thanks guys! :D Bump because I want more love. <3

I'll puush all maps later, minus seems to be a bit slow lately. All maps uploaded with puush.
I hate you for not having these ranked.
I love you Nharox ♥
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Still working on a lot of new maps, wish I had more time (and motivation) for this. :(

GladiOol wrote:

I hate you for not having these ranked.
Best maps! Super necro but i dont care, Keiner nimmt mir mein Mikrofon <3
Yaw, Nharox! <3
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Reuploaded all maps because someone asked me to.
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Links were dead so I reuploaded them once again! Thanks to the peeps for sharing it with me. :)
it's been so long
you can mapped this song for me please???
I love your mapping Style
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