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New to modding queues? Here's everything you need to know!

What are mods & modding queues?

A "mod" is advice/feedback intended to improve a beatmap. Each beatmap is linked to a discussion page where anyone can detail their concerns and a beatmap's creator can respond. For example, this is a discussion page with a few dozen mods. Mods are a necessity for improving and pushing a beatmap towards rank!

Modding queues are the individual threads that make up this subforum. They are a platform that allow users to:
  1. request mods for their beatmap
  2. take mod requests from others
There are 4 specific sub-forum here:
  1. osu!
  2. osu!taiko
  3. osu!catch
  4. osu!mania
On the surface they may be simple, but modding queues can easily be confusing if you're unfamiliar with exactly how they work.

How do I request mods?

Do not create a new thread for your mod request!
Do not necropost!
Do not request beatmaps!
Do not request for testplay! (beatmap advertising)

When requesting mods, you need to reply in threads created by other users. Every modding queue is handled in a slightly different way depending on its creator though, so you'll need to be careful and check a few things before posting.

First, look at a modding queue's initial post. This will detail some basic rules for the entire thread, such as what game mode or what genres of songs the creator wants to mod. See this modding queue's first post as an example.

Next, check the latest post by the queue's creator in its thread. This will often say "open" or "closed" and potentially list any extra rules not explained in the first post.

If a queue is closed or your beatmap doesn't fit within the queue's rules, your request will be rejected!

Modding queues have adopted a lot of obscure terminology that could be confusing to new beatmappers yearning to request mods. Here's a list of common ones:
  1. open -- Queue is accepting mod requests
  2. closed -- Queue is not accepting mod requests
  3. slots -- Available openings for mod requests
  4. NM --Short for "normal mod." NM requests expect nothing from the beatmapper
  5. M4M -- Short for "mod for mod." M4M request expect an exchange of mods between the queue's creator and the one requesting. Usually a M4M exchange is handled by the requester modding the queue creator's beatmap first
  6. ticket -- mod request that can be fulfilled at a later time
Be sure to understand exactly what a queue requires before posting if you want to receive any mods!

How do I create a modding queue?

Click the "Post new topic" button at the top of the subforum. This will lead you to a page where you fill out your thread's title and opening post content. Describe any rules you have for mod requests in this post and... anything else you want, really. Modding queues give you as much freedom as you want with hosting and organizing personal mod requests.

Some general advice for starting out a queue:
  1. Don't use overly complex rules. Nobody wants to read an essay to receive a mod
  2. Be reasonable with what you choose to mod. Don't open your queue for 10 requests if you know some requests will fall through the cracks.
  3. Clearly mark your queue as opened or closed. When it's unclear, your queue will often be spammed with requests.
  4. Look at other people's queues for examples. They'll help you understand how things are handled under different circumstances and potentially give you ideas for how to run your own!

If you have any other questions regarding how to use the Modding Queues subforum, feel free to send me a private message!
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