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Hey! Im new to osu, but i have heard it is a good game to improve your aim in other games, such as CS:GO or Overwatch. Are there any specific maps for this purpose?
No, osu will not improve your 3D aim for games like CSGO or Overwatch as it is all in 2D. It's a lot different and doesn't really translate over. At best it can help warm up your aim before you play your FPS games.
Sandy Hoey
I would say it doesn’t directly translate, but it can help you improve your control over your mouse.
Specifically for that, I would say jump maps would be the most beneficial
dung eater
some dm/tdm (whatever with fast respawn) gamemode with enough of people, not too big map would be much better practice

osu! does give you control over mouse but you need to play the game to get the aim part down.
Here's what I hope is a definitive answer to this. Take someone who has never played aim driven video-games of any type with a mouse, it could be a console player or just a non-gamer. Before we even talk about sensitivity and muscle memory we need to talk about how familiar they are with the mouse as a tool. If someone lacks the basic fundamentals for using a mouse (consistent grip type, finger strength, coordination, ect.) then osu is actually one of the best programs I can think of for accelerating the process of learning to use a mouse. After learning basic mouse skills in osu, you can then start focusing on 2d muscle memory and 3d muscle memory. Which can be trained in games of their designated type.

Use the search feature to filter your available beat-maps like this:
First set your most confident approach rate to eliminate that as a difficulty factor.
Start with Large Circle Sizes at Low bpms, then gradually increase the bpm and decrease the circle size. Larger Bpm's will encourage a higher target transition rate, and smaller cs will encourage better aim stability. Overall playing will increase muscle memory.
I played osu for 3 days and became a pro CSGO player

true story
You don't get sharp headshots in CS:GO by playing this game.
You need to play a lot in CS:GO not here.
The way you aim at a person in CS:GO is hugely different
than a circle in osu!
You don't suddenly improve on CS:GO just because you can
play 5*-6* maps suddenly. You only improved in osu! but
not in CS:GO. But what this game helps you with is the
reaction time. Still I know someone who can play osu like a god
but his aim in CS:GO is trash and he can't even kill without
someone with him but he can react fast he is just trash at
aiming and shooting.
I'm sure it's usefull as an eye-coordination practice todo use it at other games.
Also as a better setup understanding, and how muscle memory works.

M3ATL0V3R wrote:

I played osu for 3 days and became a pro CSGO player

true story
when you learn to read AR11

Brainage wrote:

M3ATL0V3R wrote:

I played osu for 3 days and became a pro CSGO player

true story
when you learn to read AR11
learn to read AR12.5 to improve in fps
You must play cs with a tablet to be the best player in the world totally not making an anomaly joke here

Honestly, if you just started out, it will take awhile to improve in the game. And when you get finally get the hang of playing the game, like you can start full combo-ing 4* maps, then I suggest you to play with Hard Rock on any map, cause Hard Rock will train both your aim and reaction time, cause the approach rate and circle size is much harder.

If that doesn't work, then just practice your aim in a random workshop map that supplies bots in CSGO. I can guarantee its efficient.
I am sure it does for those who started out csgo a bit, but it doesnt help for those who didnt played csgo from the beginning.

Fot those who understand csgo mechanics, those osu plays could drasticly changed their aim and also osu helps with awp aim, making the flick easier and easy to hit sick awp shot.
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