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NotShinta wrote:

-- I would rename each difficulty so that what, well, difficulty, they're meant to be is clearer; for example, "Reiji's Normal", etc. In my opinion, it looks better and makes it clear to players better. Like, the hardest difficulty certainly isn't an Insane, but you mightn't be able to tell that from the rating. Done!
-- It may seem a bit silly, but that (unmapped, because it can't be mapped) outro on the mp3 is awfully long. It's recommended that you chop it down a bit. Fade it out earlier and it won't bleed. Done!
-- Tick rate 2 could be argued as sounding better for the map, all difficulties, to help 'balance out' the sliders more. Looks/sounds ugly on some sliders...

BeamTony (Hard):
-- It would be helpful if you included a storyboard, or something, to indicate which mapper maps which parts. Done!
- 00:27:667 (1) - Linear or symmetrical curved sliders? Pick one - these look careless and not as good as either. Yeah, but me lykke!
- 01:08:884 (1) - As a player, I expect there to be a sound on the endpoint, as the whole slider is leading up to that. It's uncomfortable when one doesn't appear, so it'd be good if you only softened or quietened the endpoint hitsound to keep the affect without the awkwardness. Done!
- 01:17:471 (3) - I like how you map to subtle bass-y stuff that still works rather than typical vocal stuff, but for this one, I think it's slightly better if you shorten it by 1/4 so it lasts only 1/2. Other patterns in the chorus like this are fine, however, it's just this one. me and IceBeam lykke!
- 01:29:002 (2,3,4,5,6) - You can totally make this much sexier and perfected; try turning on a bigger grid size for precision purposes and trying something like this. this is IceBeam style :3
- 01:41:024 (1) - This jump just feels awful, not least because it's so generic and yet the only one in the map. Maybe rearrange this more conventionally. Done!
- 01:48:138 (1) - Same deal with the silenced hitsound here. Done!
- 02:04:944 (5,6) - Starting on a 1/4 offbeat here just feels awkward. Perhaps add a hitcircle at 02:04:821 and rearrange spacing? Up to you in this case. me and IceBeam lykke!
- 02:36:470 (4) - Remove the whistle starting this for a more natural sound? me and IceBeam lykke!

Tony (Easy):
- 03:20:386 (1) - There is absolutely no reason for this hitcircle, and it can catch Easy players off guard. Please remove it. Done!
-- Otherwise, good job on this one, balancing Easy easiness with careful hitsounds and stuff.

Perhaps it's my not having seen a map that doesn't belong to me for a while, or a hipsterrific liking for the song, or then again, perhaps not, but this map is really fun. Especially the hardest difficulty. Well done!
Other things that I fixed:
Timing (because of new mp3). The new timing is ALOT more accurate then the old one.
Hitsound Volume (this new mp3 has a bigger volume)
Added the SB for Hard-Collab diff coded by BounceBabe, names are provided by me.
Added a nice all-diff SB coded by BounceBabe, BG_Light.jpg provided by BounceBabe

Thanks alot guys!!
soooo I guess it's now ready for ranking (I guess)
Hitomi May
It's awesome! :3
I often sang this song yesterday :D
17:22 <Aleks719> : here?
17:23 <Aleks719> : Hard : useless section: 01:14:572 -
17:26 <Aleks719> : 01:48:306 (1) - finish instead of whistle is better in the end. Reasons : sounds softer, constant 2/1 flash
17:26 <Aleks719> : 01:09:052 (1) - ^ same
17:27 <Aleks719> : 01:53:827 - useless section again
17:28 <Tony> : I was sleeping lol
17:28 <Aleks719> : kay
17:28 <Tony> : I'm here now
17:29 <Tony> : all fixed~
17:29 <Aleks719> : 02:25:598 - imo, sound should be here (i mean add note)
17:29 <Aleks719> : cuz looks cutted
17:30 <Tony> : well there's the end of the slider?
17:30 <Tony> : ah
17:30 <Tony> : on white tick
17:30 <Aleks719> : 02:32:713 - inis break follows (rivers) nothing
17:30 <Aleks719> : remove it
17:31 <Tony> : dragged it
17:32 <Aleks719> : 03:20:554 - same about note
17:33 <Aleks719> : did anybody check timing?
17:33 <Tony> : myself LOL
17:33 <Aleks719> : meh, have to check then
17:35 <Tony> : okay :3
17:40 <Aleks719> : hum
17:40 <Aleks719> : try this
17:40 <Aleks719> : bpm -0.01
17:40 <Aleks719> : offset -10
17:40 <Tony> : okay
17:40 <Tony> : lemme see
17:40 <Aleks719> : so, 122.27, 19975
17:41 <Aleks719> : or 19974
17:42 <Aleks719> : cuz metronome sounds a bit off with your bpm, imo
17:44 <Aleks719> : also nicks on collab seems boring, same moves everytime
17:44 <Aleks719> : but it's up to you
17:45 <Aleks719> : i wrote about this stuff for timing and hard
17:45 <Aleks719> : others - later then.
17:46 <Tony> : oh okay
17:46 <Tony> : your timing seems alot better
17:46 <Tony> : lemme restart osu!. I always do this when I check timing
17:52 <Tony> : lemme resnap all green sections, and I'll update it. kay?
17:52 <Aleks719> : kay
17:54 <Tony> : no need to resnap SB, for 10 ms right?
17:54 <Aleks719> : ug oh, wrong bpm = wrong sb
17:55 <Tony> : D:
17:55 <Aleks719> : better to fix, but not necessary. if BAT won't see it
17:55 <Aleks719> : if he/she will see you'll fix it
17:56 <Aleks719> : or Bounce
17:56 <Tony> : I think I'll fix it anyways
18:14 <Tony> : sb fixed.
18:14 <Aleks719> : good then
18:14 <Aleks719> : all diffs fixed?
18:15 <Tony> : yes
18:28 <Aleks719> : have to update after re-dl o__d
18:28 <Aleks719> : okaaaaay
18:29 <Aleks719> : 02:25:597 (6) - again this inis break B(
18:29 <Tony> : what's that? lol
18:30 <Aleks719> : blue zone
18:30 <Aleks719> : remove it
18:33 <Aleks719> : 01:48:303 (1) - made whistle+finish specially?
18:33 <Aleks719> : hard
18:33 <Tony> : ye
18:33 <Tony> : I like it <3
18:34 <Aleks719> : kay
18:34 <Aleks719> : upload changes with blue zone and let's easy
18:42 <Aleks719> : easy
18:42 <Aleks719> : 01:46:830 (2) - spacing?
18:43 <Tony> : wow, how can u see that lol
18:43 <Aleks719> : yes?
18:43 <Tony> : fixed XDDDDD
18:44 <Aleks719> : update
18:45 <Tony> : updated
18:45 <Aleks719> : it was not symmetrical
18:45 <Aleks719> : easy to see
18:46 <Tony> : easy, when u are experienced D:
18:50 <Aleks719> : well, then atm that's all
18:50 <Aleks719> : with you
18:50 <Tony> : okay
18:50 <Tony> : <3

also, we fixed placement of some notes on the playfield and timeline with Reiji in her diff, removed some unused sections.

edit : bubbled.
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:3 thanks Aleks! <3
[Reiji's Normal]

03:20:067 (7) - This is missing a clap.

Just that little thing and I'll rank!
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Faust wrote:

I added it :D so fixed~
Yay, let's go!


I I I follow, I follow you deepsea, baby.
Congratz~~! ><
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thaaanks <3
oh man...

finally :3
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IceBeam wrote:

oh man...

finally :3
oh maaaan. uer ar iu? D:
What's with the rating? It's a decent map :(
>English song that isn't metal/rock that includes lyrics that aren't MOE MOE.

Not really the case but most of the generation that makes up our community are simply not into such influences.
Woah! Lykke Li! Never thought someone would map anything from her.
Waaaaaahhh, congratulations, To~ny!! >\\\<
Hitomi May
Hell Yeah!
Congratz! :3
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