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[notice][b][color=#d64444]General Rules[/color][/b][list][*][b]osu!Standard maps only.[/b] v1 or v2, eitherway is fine for me.
[*][b]One[/b] request per post only.
[*]I'll post the list of accepted requests for NM and GD requests. Usually when the queue closes.
[*]Of course, [b]M4M[/b] requests are prioritized. Meaning, the chances of your map being modded are more assured this way.
[*]Mutuals can request even when the queue is closed.
[*]Forms are provided for each type of request. Use them.[/list]
[list][*]If you happen to request with songs that have "cute" vocals, you're better off asking somebody else.
[*]I like Video Game music and songs that have powerful vocals (e.g. [url=]Yuaru - Jitter Doll[/url]). Use that info to your possible advantage.[/list][/notice]

[notice][b][color=#ff5151]Normal Mod (NM)[/color][/b][box=Rules][list][*]Star rating of [b]less than 6*[/b] as much as possible.
[*]Most of the time, I will only mod an accumulation of 1 to 3 minutes of drain time. I may mod every difficulty if I really like the song. And, for marathon maps, I can mod them entirely.
[*]If possible, let me know what difficulties I should prioritize modding.[/list][/box]
- [b]Artist[/b]:
- [b]Title[/b]:
- [b]Length[/b]:
- [b]Map Link[/b]: [/code][/box]

[b][color=#ff5151]Mod for Mod (M4M)[/color][/b][box=Rules][list][*][b]You mod first.[/b] Placeholders are OK.
[*]In the case of Placeholders, [b]indicate[/b] that your post is indeed a Placeholder.
[*]Total drain time you modded = Total drain time I will mod (Exceptions for marathon maps. I can mod them entirely.)
[*]Don't make me mod highly technical maps, please.[/list][/box]
[box=Mapset(s) for M4M][list][*][url][/url]
- [b]Artist[/b]:
- [b]Title[/b]:
- [b]Length[/b]:
- [b]Map Link[/b]:
- [b]Your Mod (Link)[/b]: [/code][/box]

[b][color=#ff5151]Guest Difficulty (GD)[/color][/b][box=Stuff to Take Note][list][*]Please take time to view some of my recent maps so you know what to kinda expect from me.
[*]I prefer songs that are 1 - 2 minutes long.[/list][/box]
[box=General Guidelines (GD Preferences)][list][*][b]If BPM < 100:[/b] Easy = Normal > Extra = Insane > Hard
[*][b]If 100 < BPM < 160:[/b] Extra = Easy = Normal = Insane = Hard
[*][b]If 160 > BPM > 190:[/b] Extra > Insane = Easy > Normal > Hard
[*][b]If 190 > BPM > 250:[/b] Insane = Easy > Extra > Normal > Hard
[*][b]If BPM > 250:[/b] Normal > Easy > Extra > Insane > Hard[/list][/box]
- [b]Artist[/b]:
- [b]Title[/b]:
- [b]Length[/b]:
- [b]Map Link[/b]:
- [b]Difficulty[/b]: [/code][/box][/notice]
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(OPEN) NM: At least 2
(OPEN) M4M: At most 3 (Map:
(OPEN) GD: Indefinite
Artist: YUNG BAE
Title: Sailor Babe
Length: 1:50
Map Link:
A r M i N
Title:Savior of Song
Map Link:

Thanks :3
Title:Rubber Human
Map Link:

Thank you for your time.
Artist: toby fox
Title: CORE
Length: 2:44
Map Link:
prioritize Super's Normal, Collab Hard
Artist: cosMo@Bousou-P
Title: Hatsune Miku no Gekishou -LONG VERSION-
Length: 5:04
Map Link:

Thanks ;)
Artist:Kobasolo & Lefty Hand Cream
Title: Torisetsu
Length: 2:48 (2:47 drain)
Map Link:
thanks you !
Artist: Demetori
Title: Fires of Hokkai ~ Flame for Puja
Length: ~1:01 (1:36 drain)
Map Link:
First map, not really coool...Tons of kudos available
Just general comments on what i've done good or what i've done bad is ok. Of coz specific mods are welcome. Thank you in advance!

Artist: Ai(CV. Ootsubo Yuka), Mai(CV. Uchida Aya), Mii (CV. Uchida Maaya)
Title: Girigiri Saikyou Ai Mai Mi! (TV Size)
Length: 0:29
Map Link: [Light Insane]
Your Mod (Link): [RatinA0's hard]
Topic Starter
NM Queue closed.
M4M Queue still open. (Map:
GD Queue still open.
Beatmap Listing:
  1. Counter: 1

Artist: senya

Title: Mangekyou

Length: 3:02

Map Link:

Your Mod (Link): (Light Extra)
- Artist: Sangatsu no Phantasia
- Title: Kaze no koe wo kikinagara
- Length: 1:24 (1:23 drain)
- Map Link:
- Difficulty: Easy diff
Please talk to PM if you accept it.
Topic Starter
NM Queue closed.
M4M Queue still open. (Map:
GD Queue closed.
Beatmap Listing:
Full assurance in modding to those with green text.
  1. A r M i N -
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